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Master Your Space: How to Create the Ultimate Mechanic Setup in Your Garage

Wondering how to create the ultimate mechanic setup in your garage? In this no-fluff guide, we cut straight to the chase, offering clear steps to measure, organize, and equip your…... Read Article

Here is How to Build a Garage from the Ground Up on a Shoestring Budget

If you fall in the category of the majority of people, you most likely have a lot of items that need to be stored but have insufficient room to do…... Read Article

How do I replace garage door rollers myself?

I understand your concern about replacing garage door rollers, as these doors can be quite heavy and pose a risk of injury. That’s why I’ve put together a guide to…... Read Article

Find Out What Is A Smart Home: Transforming Your Living Space with Technology

A smart home is a place of living that makes use of internet-connected gadgets to allow for the remote control and monitoring of systems and appliances, like heating and lighting.…... Read Article

The Ultimate Guide To Garage Organization, Storage, And Cleaning

Is your garage so full to capacity that you’ve lost track of what’s in it and where to find anything? If that’s the case, you wouldn’t be the only one,…... Read Article

Average Cost of A New Garage Door: Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a New Garage Door

The average cost of a new garage door can vary based on a number of factors. Here’s how to narrow down the price range of a new garage door by…... Read Article

Salt Lake City, UT

A1 FROM DAY 1 YOUR LOCAL GARAGE DOOR COMPANY EXPERTS Whether you need to repair broken garage door or replace it with a new one, A1 Garage Door Service can…... Read Article

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

How long do garage door springs last? According to an estimation based on regular usage of opening and closing the garage door five times a day, a standard garage door…... Read Article

Complete Guide To Renovating Your Home

Introduction There are endless advantages to pursuing a home renovation project. It is certainly more advantageous than buying a whole new property, or even building a home yourself. You may…... Read Article

What Is The Average Standard Garage Door Size?

When purchasing a replacement garage door or adding one to a new home, it’s important to understand standard garage door sizes. Given the variety in dimension combinations, it’s difficult to…... Read Article

How Does a Garage Door Spring Work?

Torsion springs, composed of heavy-gauge steel wire coils, function by generating torque to counterbalance the garage door’s weight, ensuring smooth and balanced operation. The torsion springs are wound and unwound…... Read Article

How to Lubricate Garage Doors in 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to lubricate garage doors? There are a lot of different elements to your garage doors – such as hinges, springs, rails, or a chain that, due to the…... Read Article

Does Garage Door Insulation Work?

Yes, garage door insulation helps by adding an extra layer of protection and durability to your garage door, while also helping maintain temperature differences and improve your home’s energy efficiency.…... Read Article

Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your garage door has a broken garage door spring, it is reasonably straightforward to replace if you are an experienced DIY enthusiast. The caveat is that you must be…... Read Article

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Sensor

If you are not paying attention to your garage door, it is not impossible that you’re missing the tell-tale signs that there are components that are more than ready to…... Read Article

Top Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing a New Garage Door

If you’ve noticed your garage is looking a little tired and out of date or that it always seems to need repairing, then it’s probably time to consider an upgrade.…... Read Article

High Lift Garage Door Conversion

In this guide, we are going to look at high-lift garage door conversions. We’ll discuss the benefits, how to measure, and how to perform a DIY conversion yourself. You might…... Read Article

Where Is the Garage Door Opener Code Located?

Nowadays, garage doors are made more convenient to use with the presence of garage door keypads. These keypads, with their built-in buttons and usually located outside your garage door, allow…... Read Article

Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous

Overview of Garage Door Springs: 1. Are garage door springs dangerous? 2. What happens when a garage door spring breaks? 3. Why are garage door springs dangerous? 4. How often…... Read Article

What Is Covered Under My Garage Door Warranty?

Your garage door is an integral part of your home, but often, you don’t think of it until something goes wrong. When installing a new garage door, one of the…... Read Article

Top Weather Resistant Garage Door Materials & Brands

Best Weather Resistant Garage Doors To Have Installed When wanting to replace or install new garage doors, the type of doors used is very important. Due to different weather conditions…... Read Article

Garage Door Safety Sensor Height and Maintenance

Have you ever been in a position where you went under a closing overhead garage door and it suddenly stopped from closing? If yes, it is your garage door sensors…... Read Article

Where are Clopay® garage doors made?

Clopay® is an American-made brand of garage doors that has been in the industry for more than five decades. Clopay® has a 900,000 square-foot plant in Troy, Ohio making them…... Read Article

How to Replace Bottom Rollers on Your Garage Door

Replacing garage door bottom rollers may be a DIY project depending on the type of roller. With common wear and tear, your garage door will make some noise, but if it…... Read Article

Manual vs. Automatic Garage Doors – Should You Upgrade?

Manual garage doors are less common if buying a new home or a new garage door. When shopping for a new garage door, you will usually find automated designs rather…... Read Article

Is My Garage Door Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy

When getting home insurance, always check the coverage before signing on the dotted line. Make sure that everything is covered — including your garage door. A1 Garage Door Service is…... Read Article

Phoenix, Arizona Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Do you want to do more with your garage floor? Adding epoxy floor coating can transform concrete into a work of art. On top of that, the coating adds a…... Read Article

What Size of Garage Door Spring Do You Need?

Do you want to buy a garage door spring but still getting confused about the garage door spring you need to buy? Then worry no more, because A1 Garage Door…... Read Article

How To Protect Your Garage From Thieves

   Keeping your home secure is a no-brainer. Most of us lock our doors and windows without evening thinking about it. But all too often, the garage is overlooked…... Read Article

What to Consider When Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company

You likely use your garage door multiple times every single day, but have you ever stopped to think about the value it adds to your home? Until faced with a…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

By the end of 2021, more than 280,000 new cases of breast cancer will have been diagnosed in women this year. About 2,650 cases were also anticipated among men. Breast…... Read Article

A1 Garage Door Service Hosting Garage Door Industry Event

In a competitive era when small- and large-businesses vie for business, entrepreneurs across the garage door industry are coming together to network, learn and how to leverage their collective power…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Saluting and Supporting Our Military Veterans

Jonithan Phillips spent five years serving in the U.S. Navy as a medic for the Marines. Upon leaving the service, he faced a struggle thousands of men and women face…... Read Article

A1 Garage Door Service Accepts First Bitcoin Payment

With the global blockchain market expected to reach $23 billion by 2023, businesses across the world are beginning to add cryptocurrency to their accepted forms of payment, alongside long-time standards…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Helping Fight Against Hunger

Millions of children around the world die each year from preventable causes, such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and undernutrition. Hunger remains a leading causing in death for children under 5.…... Read Article

A1 Garage Door Service Featured on Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies List

Inc. magazine today revealed that A1 Garage Door Service is No. 2,565 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list…... Read Article

A1 Cares: It’s Fun to Play (and Volunteer) at the YMCA

On Wednesday, July 21, a group of 14 A1 Garage Door Service trainees and three trainers spent their morning not fixing garage doors but painting walls and cleaning floors at…... Read Article

Inside Our 29-Point Inspection Process

When you call for garage door service, you want to understand the problem at hand and find a solution. But, you should also consider what you can do to prevent…... Read Article

10 Tips for Preventive Garage Door Maintenance

You likely use your garage door multiple times every day, but most people rarely stop to think about it until something goes wrong. A squeaky noise or a door that…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Saluting Veterans with the Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising Football Club salutes the men and women who served our country at Military Appreciation Night on Saturday, July 3. Celebrate our local heroes as the Rising take…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Helping the Homeless Battle the Extreme Heat

Last year, 200 homeless Maricopa County residents died from extreme heat. This year has potential to be even more deadly, as temperatures have already reached 118 degrees in the Phoenix…... Read Article

What Happens When I Call for Service?

Whether your garage door is stuck closed or you’re simply questioning the weird noise it’s making, you’re likely concerned or frustrated. Garage door repair issues often happen at the least…... Read Article

Glass Garage Doors

I’m Considering Getting a Glass Garage Door I think if you’re going for a contemporary or modern look, you should really think about getting a custom glass garage door. It’s…... Read Article

Types of Electric Garage Doors

When choosing a new garage door, there are plenty of considerations to think about. You need to take into account the style, color, and material of your garage door. However,…... Read Article

Liftmaster myQ Smartphone Universal Garage Door Controller

A1 Garage is proud to announce that we now stock and install Liftmaster myQ Smartphone Universal Garage Door Controllers. Use your smartphone to control most modern garage door openers and…... Read Article

Self-Help Guide: How to Repair Your Garage Doors

Though on average most people open and close their garage doors three to five times a day, they tend to take them for granted until something goes wrong. Garage doors…... Read Article

January 13th from 9 – 11 a.m. at St. Mary’s Food Bank

On January 13th, the newest employees of A1 Garage will spend time volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix. Celebrating its 51st year as the world’s first Food Bank,…... Read Article

Why You Should Become a Garage Door Technician?

If you aren’t sure what career you should pursue, especially since outsourcing and automation are threatening millions of job positions in the United States, then we’ve got the answer: you…... Read Article

What Is Causing My Garage Door To Be Jammed?

Whether it be a computer mouse or a light switch, every piece of mechanical equipment is designed to withstand a certain amount of uses before it starts falling apart. Your…... Read Article

Save a Life, Starve a Vampire! Give Blood Saturday, Oct. 31 at A1 Garage Door

Save a Life, Starve a Vampire! Give Blood Saturday, Oct. 31 at A1 Garage Door Come dressed as Dracula or come as you are, but come to A1 Cares’ Halloween…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Feed My Starving Children

At A1, we’re lucky enough to be growing and thriving at an otherwise uncertain time, and we also pride ourselves on taking an altruistic approach to serving the communities that…... Read Article

A1 Cares: Angels For Amelia

At A1 garage door service, we believe in supporting our community, team members, and families everywhere. When we heard about Angels for Amelia, we knew there had to be something…... Read Article

A1 Cares: A1 Garage Door Blood Drive

A1 Garage Door Blood Drive   At A1 Garage Door Service, the health of our customers and team members is the utmost of importance to us. Community also means a lot…... Read Article

Will a New Garage Door Increase the Value of Your Home?

Are you looking to sell your home and want to sell faster and get a little more out of it? Or are you doing a nice remodel and want to…... Read Article

How Architectural Landscape Lighting Can Highlight Your Custom Garage Door

A custom garage door instantly adds a new & improved look to your home. No matter if you’ve installed a wood, faux wood, copper, glass, aluminium or steel custom garage…... Read Article

Garage Doors Through The Years

We have been talking about garage doors here ever since because it is our business. But we have not yet taken the time to look back at how the garage…... Read Article

How To Select A Garage Door Service Provider

Do you need to have a new garage door installed? Or maybe you are having troubles with your garage door and cannot seem to understand what is wrong with it?…... Read Article

Remodeling Your Garage Doors

Are you tired of the old look of your garage doors and want to change their style? Or maybe you are having your house renovated and of course, you need…... Read Article

Stuck Garage Door? Try These Tricks to Get Things Moving

  There’s nothing quite like getting up to leave in the morning (or, conversely, coming home late at night) only to find that your garage door is sticking, leaving you…... Read Article

Garage Door Operations: A Crash Course

As a homeowner, you probably rely on your garage door more than you realize, but if you’re like many people, you may not know a whole lot about its mechanics.…... Read Article

Broken Garage Door Springs Mean Big Problems: When to Replace Yours

When it comes to your garage door’s performance, its torsion springs play a key role, and when yours break, your garage door will no longer lift and close to allow…... Read Article

How LED Lights Can Interfere With Your Garage Door’s Performance

LED lights have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and this is due in large part to the fact that LED bulbs produce light about 90 percent more efficiently than…... Read Article

Boosting the value of your home

Spending resources and effort on improving your home’s value are always important. These will ensure a more livable and appealing home which will reflect on your style and personality as…... Read Article

How Important are Garage Door Safety Sensors

How Important are Garage Door Safety Sensors? Have you ever wondered why your garage door suddenly stops closing whenever someone walks across it? Do you know the reason why there…... Read Article

How to Install Garage Door Openers

How to Install Garage Door Openers? Garage door opener is the motorized part of your garage doors which enables its automatic opening and closing function. It responds from the command…... Read Article

How Much Do Garage Doors Cost

How Much Do Garage Doors Cost? Garage doors have become one of the necessary parts of one’s home. No matter where you are, the specification of a garage door just…... Read Article

How Garage Doors Repairs are Made

How Garage Doors Repairs are Made? Garage doors are an important part of one’s home. Not only do they play an important part in ensuring that cars are safely kept…... Read Article

How Garage Doors Add Value to your Home

How Garage Doors Add Value to your Home? Automated garage doors have come a long way in making the lives of garage door owners easier and more convenient. Gone were…... Read Article

How Garage Door Safety Sensors Work

How Garage Door Safety Sensors Work? An automated garage door has been a useful part of one’s home ever since it was invented. Gone were those days when more than…... Read Article

How Do Garage Door Remotes Work

How Do Garage Door Remotes Work? A Remote control is a component that controls electronic components in your homes wirelessly from a short distance. It brings everyone the convenience of…... Read Article

Who Sells Garage Door Remotes?

There are instances when homeowners need to buy a spare remote or a replacement one. Often times it may be due to the lost or misplaced wireless device, but there…... Read Article

Which Garage Door Opener is the Quietest?

Garage doors are an important moving object in a household. For one, it serves as another layer of protection to your homes. Another is that it helps shelter your automobile…... Read Article

When Garage Door Remotes are NOT Working

Is your garage door not working well with your wireless device? Are you thinking of replacing it because of this case? Before you move forward into replacing your garage door…... Read Article

Who Install Garage Door Openers?

Garage door openers play an important role into every garage door. It basically synchronizes all garage door components to work well with each other. It sends and receives signals that…... Read Article

Where to Buy a Garage Door?

Are you out looking for a new garage door to fit your newly built house? Or is your old garage door damaged beyond repair that you are already looking for…... Read Article

What Garage Door Hinge Do I Need?

Have you been asking yourself about the same thing? Worrying over your damaged garage door hinges? Looking for places where you could buy a heavy duty-garage door hinge? Then A1…... Read Article

How to Install a Garage Door?

A garage door has become an important part of one’s home. It is an extension of the home that adds beauty and appeal to the property as a whole. It…... Read Article

Why Your Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work?

Garage door wireless devices have been one of the greatest improvements in terms of garage doors. It enables homeowners safer passage to and from their homes any time of the…... Read Article

Why Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

Why Your Garage Door Opens by Itself Homeowners have come to rely heavily on the operation of their garage door when it comes to keeping their cars safe and sound…... Read Article

Why Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work?

Garage door opener is an automated device that allows your garage door to open and close automatically. This could be controlled through a wall button at the entry lookway of…... Read Article

Why Garage Door Will Not Close?

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. While your house puts a shelter over your head, your garage door protects your vehicle(s) and the content of…... Read Article

Why Garage Door Springs Break?

Garage door springs are one essential part of your garage door. It allows your garage door to be lightweight enough to be automatically operated by your opener. Contrary to what…... Read Article

When Were Garage Door Openers Invented?

When Were Garage Door Openers Invented? Garage doors since its first creation have made an impact on every individual’s lives. For some, it serves as a shelter that ensures that…... Read Article

How to Insulate Your Garage Door?

Our garage, most of the time, functions as the home of our vehicles. But likewise, it could also serves another purpose such as being a storage room in our home…... Read Article

How Does Garage Door Work?

If you are going to consider what had been the garage door in the previous years, you would be amazed at how far it has improved. From being manually operated,…... Read Article

When to Replace Garage Door Springs?

The first thing that comes to mind when your garage door is not opening and closing as it should be is that there is something wrong with your garage door…... Read Article

Who Sells Garage Door Cables?

Are you looking for a durable and lasting garage door cable? Is the brand of the one you have easily breaks and in need of constant repairs and replacement? Are…... Read Article

Which Garage Door Remote Do I Need?

The creation of garage door continues to evolve over time. From the traditional switch and button-operated garage doors, we now have the remote access which is the most favorite type…... Read Article

Where to Lubricate Garage Door?

At the end of a long and tiring day, the last thing you want to deal with when you arrive at home is a noisy garage door. The cacophony of…... Read Article

Where to Buy Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is a vital part of a garage door mechanism. It controls the hassle free operation of your garage door. Without a durable and well-maintained garage door…... Read Article

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Your garage door opener serves as the center of command of your garage doors. It is where the command you send through buttons or wireless device is sent to be…... Read Article

What Garage Door to Buy?

This is the question that often plagues homeowners who wish to buy a new garage door. Whether it is for an upgrade of the existing one, a replacement due to…... Read Article

What Garage Door is the Best?

When you consider buying a garage door, you always want to get what is best in the market. You are going to invest in something big, so why not go…... Read Article

What Cause Garage Door to Keep Opening?

There are times when homeowners face the difficulty of closing their garage door properly. In fact, when they attempt to do so, their garage doors just keep on going back…... Read Article

What are the Different Garage Door Colors?

One reason why individuals invest in a garage door is the added value it brings to one’s home. For those concerned with the added beauty it brings, they even go…... Read Article

How wide are garage doors?

Time and again, we get asked, how wide are garage doors? Definitely, there are standard sizes for the regular residential garage doors. But we also have in our arsenal some…... Read Article

How to fix garage doors?

Are you having a problem with your garage door? Over the years and because of continued use, your garage door will encounter different types of problems and will require repair.…... Read Article

How much does a garage door cost?

When homeowners want to install a garage door or replace their current one, the first question to ask is always – how much does it cost? It is important to…... Read Article

How is a garage door opener installed?

There are currently a lot of information available on the Internet on how a garage door opener is installed. At the same time, when you buy one, it comes with…... Read Article

How garage door opener remotes work?

Do you want to a convenient way of operating your garage door while ensuring the safety and security of your home? We would recommend installing a garage door opener that…... Read Article

How can a garage door be repaired?

Over the years and through countless use, your garage door may be damaged and will be in need of repair. Our advice – never attempt to repair a damaged garage…... Read Article

How does a garage door opener work?

The garage door opener is at the heart of your garage door mechanism. This is because it controls the opening and closing of your garage door. Now, it is important…... Read Article

How are garage doors made?

Garage doors are made of different types of materials. These materials differ in many respects such as in terms of use, durability, affordability, among others. The usual materials used for…... Read Article

Are garage doors made of aluminum?

ç The important thing is to know the advantages and even disadvantages of using each type of material and find one that is suitable for you. This is why we…... Read Article

Are garage doors locked?

For a lot of people, the security of their garage doors are always of premium importance. This is because most homeowners have their garage attached to their houses and as…... Read Article

Who Fixes Garage Doors?

Do you need a garage door fixer ASAP? Are you having doubts about the choices of garage door service providers you have at hand that you are looking for possible…... Read Article

Who Sells Garage Door Opener Parts?

Looking for garage door opener parts? Look no more because A1 Garage Door Service is here to bring to your homes all the garage opener parts you need. Quality Garage…... Read Article

Which garage door opener do I need?

Are you in need of a new garage door opener? Is your existing one malfunctioning or not anymore the best for your garage doors? Or do you want to just…... Read Article

How are garage doors installed?

When you buy a garage door, you will most likely receive a manual that goes with it. The manual will contain all the necessary information for the installation of your…... Read Article

Where to Buy Garage Door Springs?

When your garage door is not working normally, then one of the probable causes of it may be the garage door springs. Garage door spring plays a vital role in…... Read Article

Where is the Garage Door Limit Switch?

Are you having problems about your garage door not closing properly? Or is your garage door closing but repeatedly reversing itself? If so, then maybe you want to have your…... Read Article

Where to Buy Garage Doors Online?

Are you having trouble looking for a durable and efficient garage door online? Still having difficulty looking up services that offer the best one? Worry no more, because A1 Garage…... Read Article

How do garage doors work?

A garage door is composed of a complex set of mechanisms that allow it to open and close and secure your motor vehicle and other belongings kept inside the garage.…... Read Article

Are garage doors expensive?

We have always been asked by homeowners and prospective clients on whether garage doors are expensive. Our answer has always been the same — the price of your garage door…... Read Article

Are garage doors galvanized?

Garage doors come in different materials. Steel or metal doors are oftentimes used due to cost efficiency and durability. In order to enhance the maximum performance of steel or metal…... Read Article

Is it easy to install a garage door?

There are a lot of available information online with instructions on how to install your own garage door. This is why a lot of homeowners are actually doing it themselves,…... Read Article

Is it hard to install a garage door?

There are a lot of do-it-yourself articles on the internet and even videos on how to install your own garage door. A lot of homeowners would even attempt to do…... Read Article

Are garage doors secure?

Very often, homeowners ask us about the security of their garage doors. Of course, this is a very important consideration since the garage door, especially if attached to the home,…... Read Article

Are Garage Doors Covered by Home Warranty?

We are most often asked whether garage doors are covered by home warranties. The answer is NO. This is because a home service agreement, contract or warranty covers only the…... Read Article

Are garage doors paintable?

Perhaps one of the most common questions that we get at A1 Garage Door Service is on whether garage doors are paintable. The answer is a definite YES. If you…... Read Article

Garage Armor and How it Can Protect Your Home from the 6 Second Break-In

When you’re at work or away on vacation, the last thing you should have to worry about is a burglar gaining access... Read Article

A1 Garage Door Expands to Milwaukee WI

We are proud to expand our award winning services to Milwaukee & surrounding area! Having found success in other cities situated throughout the United... Read Article

We’re Expanding to Las Vegas in 2016!

Las Vegas Nevada here we come! We are proud to announce our expansion to the Las Vegas Metropolitan area come 2016. We love providing the best garage... Read Article

Featured Review of A1 Garage Door Service By Lynne C. on Google

Called for appointment to replace rubber seals. Scheduler was very courteous and was able to get us scheduled for the next day. This was not an urgent issue but happy for quick visit. Tech Jason was very pleasant, fun to work with. Ended up with almost complete overhaul of garage door lift system. A lot more than I planned at this time of year but the system sounds so much better. Would definitely work with them again.

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