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Our garage, most of the time, functions as the home of our vehicles. But likewise, it could also serves other purpose such as being a storage room in our home or being an additional living space such as a recreational room or an office whenever it is needed.

This is why, like any other rooms in our homes, it should be properly maintained and cared for. As such, it is not surprising that there are people who go out of their way in improving the look and the condition of their garages. One of these improvements is usually having the room insulated through the garage doors.

Benefits of an insulated garage door

There are many reasons why it is advisable to have an insulated garage door:

One, an insulated garage door helps control the temperature your garage. It helps reduce too much heat or too much cold especially for garage doors that are made of steel. This is most helpful when your garage functions as a recreational room, an office or an additional living space as it prevents you from suffering from the weather extremities.

It is often overlooked, but the temperature of your garage directly affects the inside of your home. This is more true for garages that are attached to one’s home. Without insulation on your garage doors, heat and cold travels easily
from your garage to the main house, increasing the need for an additional air-conditioning or heating units which also increases your electric bill.

An insulated garage door could also help lessen the moisture level of your garage that cause early degradation to everything that is stored in it. Molds usually thrive in high-moisture environment that weakens materials such as wood and cause it to age early. With the presence of an insulated garage door, not only could this be prevented but you could also prolong the life of you garage doors.

Insulating your garage doors

With a little bit of work and effort, you can easily put up a good insulation for your garage door.

Materials such as foil-faced foam board could be used as a first layer of defense against the temperature especially for steel garage doors. All you need is to put it in a way where you could prevent air gaps that is the source of unwanted heat or cold. Being unable to cover such would beat the purpose of having the insulation in the first place because it will fail as the first defense against too much heat from the sun.

Aside from this type of insulation, you could also apply other type of insulations such as batt insulation or reflective insulation. For batt insulation, flexible insulation in the form of fiberglass is stuffed into the exterior wall and backed by paper or foil to act as air barriers. For reflective insulation, on the other hand, rigid boards and rolls of reflective insulation that have reflective aluminum foil are applied to insulation materials such as cardboard that help deflect heat especially during summers.

Note that for all types of insulation material, there is a certain R-value that is followed to make it effective. You can contact A1 Garage Door Service to assist you in choosing the perfect insulation materials or installing it themselves.

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