Becoming an A1 Garage Door
Service Partner


Why Partner with A1?

A1 Garage Door Service is the largest independent residential repair company in the garage door service industry.

  • Sustain a tradition of outstanding service and satisfied customers
  • Empower staff with ample resources and training for financial success and career progression
  • Flexible pathways for owners: retire, transition to a new role within A1, or continue managing the business with A1’s nationwide resources for expansion
  • Access to exclusive vendor partnerships and beneficial pricing arrangements

Who we partner with

We invite business owners or their sell-side advisors to reach out regarding businesses meeting the following criteria.

  • Primarily services residential repair and replace customers, with limited exposure to light commercial or new construction/homebuilder projects
  • Established presence in appealing markets for 10+ years, boasting a significant customer base and high rates of repeat business
  • Recognized for exceptional customer satisfaction, evidenced by top ratings on Google and prominent industry review platforms
  • Robust online presence, including strong SEO rankings and prominent placement on Google’s Local Services Ads
  • Backed by a seasoned management team that uses CRM (i.e., Service Titan, Housecall Pro, etc.) and bookkeeping (i.e., QuickBooks) software
  • Consistently generates revenue above $1.5 million, annually

Successful Acquisitions

We lead the way in expert Garage Service.

Logo: Door48

Phoenix, AZ
October 2017

Logo: United Garage Door

Las Vegas, NV
February 2021

Logo: Authentic Garage Door Service

Phoenix, AZ
December 2021

Logo: Don's Garage Doors

Denver, CO
August 2022

Logo: A1 Garage Door Specialists

Colorado Springs, CO
November 2022

Logo: Legends

Phoenix, AZ
November, 2022

Logo: Hamilton Garage Doors

Indianapolis, IN
December 2022


Nashville, TN
February 2023

Logo: Duppy's Door Service

Columbus, OH
March 2023

Logo: Armstrong Garage Door

Orlando, FL
June 2023

Logo: Garage Door Doctor

Houston, TX
June, 2023

Logo: The Garage Door Guy

Minneapolis, MN
March 2024

Logo: Ideal Garage Doors

Phoenix, AZ
July 2024

Acquisition Process

At A1 Garage Door Service, we prioritize building meaningful relationships with our partners, taking the time to understand their needs and aspirations, demonstrating our genuine care and commitment to their success.

After LOI, the entire process takes 2 months.

A1 Garage’s internal operations team will ask for and review data surrounding vehicles, marketing accounts, phone numbers, inventory, etc.; and a site visit will be performed

A. Initial Contact Week 1

A1 Garage’s Corporate Development team will reach out to understand your business further and outline the transaction process

B. Pre-LOI Due Diligence Week 1 – Week 4

At this stage, more specific information and questions will be requested and discussed to understand all business operations and finalize a LTM EBITDA $ total used to value the Company

C. Executive Letter of Intent Week 4

After the owner and A1 Garage agree to a purchase price, both parties will sign a non-binding Letter of Intent and proceed to Post-LOI Due Diligence

D. Financial and Business Due Diligence Week 5 – Week 8

A1 Garage’s internal operations team will ask for and review data surrounding vehicles, marketing accounts, phone numbers, inventory, etc.; and a site visit will be performed

E. Finalize Purchase Agreement Week 9 – Week 11

A1 Garage and seller’s legal teams coordinate to finalize transaction documents.

F. Integration Planning & Execution Week 9 – Week 12

Prior to closing, A1 Garage’s internal operations team works with the seller to plan for post-close integration and transition upon closing, an announcement to employee’s is made and integration begins

G. Close & Fund Acquisition Week 12

Once transaction documents are signed, a closing takes place and seller receives cash proceeds

Timeline graph as outlined in text above

Contact Us

If you are interested in selling your Garage Door Installation & Repair company or are interested in learning more about the acquisitions process, please reach out to our Corporate Development team:

Blake Searight
VP, Corporate Development
M: (248) 431-6018 |

Spiro Pliakos
Associate, Corporate Development
M: (248) 872-4382 |

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will A1 hire my employees?
Yes, A1 hires all employees from an acquisition. As A1 continues to execute it’s growth plan, the need for highly skilled, motivated employees is at an all-time high. As a large and growing organization, A1 offers the opportunity for employees to maximize their career trajectory. To attract the best talent, A1 provides industry leading compensation and benefits. Technicians are given the opportunity to train at A1’s state of the art training center in Phoenix, AZ. A1 will work with management and back-office employees post-closing to identify the best role in the organization that fits their skill set and career goals.
What are the options for the owner of the business?
A1 is flexible in terms of the owner’s role post-closing. If the owner would like to retire, A1 would need him/her to help transition the business for a period of ~2 months post-closing. If the owner would like to stay on, there are numerous options within the A1 organization post-closing.
Will A1 keep my company’s name and brand post-closing?
It depends on the individual situation and market. Branding decisions will be made within 2 months post-closing. A1 has maintained the name and brand of acquired companies in new markets in the past, including Don’s Garage (Denver, CO) and Garage Door Doctor (Houston, TX). A1’s Corporate Development team can provide more color on this during an intro call.
Will A1 transition the company to Service Titan?
In order for all of A1’s markets to operate under the same CRM, A1 would transition the company to Service Titan post-closing. The timing of the transition will be determined during due diligence.

What does the acquisition process look like?
A1 will request some information including completed jobs data and financials in order to present the owner with a Letter of Intent (LOI), which will outline the purchase price, structure and key deal terms. After an LOI is signed, it typically takes about 1.5 to 2 months to get to closing. A1 Corp Dev can provide additional detail in an intro call.
Would A1 be interested in acquiring a portion of my company (less than 100%)?
A1 typically acquires the entire business. A1’s Corporate Development team can provide more color on this during an intro call.

Featured Review of A1 Garage Door Service By Lynne C. on Google

Called for appointment to replace rubber seals. Scheduler was very courteous and was able to get us scheduled for the next day. This was not an urgent issue but happy for quick visit. Tech Jason was very pleasant, fun to work with. Ended up with almost complete overhaul of garage door lift system. A lot more than I planned at this time of year but the system sounds so much better. Would definitely work with them again.

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