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Nowadays, garage doors are made more convenient to use with the presence of garage door keypads. These keypads, with its built in buttons and usually located outside your garage door, allow you to program codes that enables you or anyone with access to the codes to open and close your garages at will.

This feature is most helpful in times when you are away from home and need someone else to run errands for you. With the absence of a key, access is usually impossible without the need to tinker with your doors built-in locks. But the presence of keypads, you could just give the code to a person and voila! All is well and done.

The downside however, in putting this type of upgrade on your garage door is the installation. This is because this type of mechanisms involved figuring out the best fitted wireless technology for your garage doors. Depending on the brand of your garage door opener, not all “universal” keypads work well with an opener.

A1 Garage Door Service – your best choice for garage door keypad installation

Good thing A1 Garage Door Service is well-skilled in fixing this type of problem. They’ll figure out the best garage door keypad suited for your garage door openers. They’ll even install it for you, leaving you stress-free from all the components you need to figure out and this is without giving you any absurd charges.

A1 Garage Door Service also has a lot of garage doors keypads for you to choose from. After they discover the right match for your garage doors, they’ll walk you through their wide array of keypads. They’ll advice you of the differences so you could make out the one you preferred. That is A1 Service for you, always ready to serve.

They are even available 24/7 to cater to all garage door needs.  They do one-day installation of garage doors if you need one, and do a great job with the maintenance, repairs and inspections of every component. You need not worry anymore of the overall health of your garage doors. A1 will do it for you because they believe in putting the safety and security of their clients on top of their priority list.

In the installation process of the keypad, there is a need to reprogram the codes in order for it to work in sync with your openers. A1 Garage Door Service will assure that this will happen and even teach you the how’s of changing your codes whenever you feel the need to.

Keypad installation and changing codes

Keypad installation provides added security and value to your home. The good thing about this feature is that the code is easily changeable when you feel that your security is somehow compromised. To change the code, just follow these three steps:

  1. Find the garage door LEARN button which is attached to your ceiling
  2. Hold this button down until the light beside it goes off
  3. Press the LEARN button again until the light comes back on then enter the desired code on your keypad.

A1 Garage Door Service technicians will happily assist you with this upon installation, together with your other questions and other concerns. Call them at 844-214- 2724 and book your appointments now!

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