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When your garage door is not working normally, then one of the probable cause of it may be the garage door springs.

Garage door spring plays a vital role in your garage door system. Of all the moving components of your garage door, the spring is what enables it to be moved to and from the ground. It holds the brunt of the heavy weight of your garage door enabling your openers to move it easily. Since your spring bears the majority of work for your garage door, it is also the first to break among the different components of your door. As such, it requires more attention and regular inspection compared to other parts.

Garage door springs

A normal garage door spring has an average lifespan of 7-9 years, assuming 10,000 cycles and it being used twice a day. Depending on the durability and brand, some could last up to 14 years of the same usage, while others break after only a year or two. In most occasions, more than the average usage of your garage door could also relatively decrease its life expectancy rate.

There are two main types of springs used for your garage doors: the torsion spring and the extension spring. The torsion springs are responsible for distributing the pressure throughout your garage door. Found usually above the closed garage door, these springs allow your door to be properly balanced for easy lifting and smooth up and down of your door. Extension springs on the other hand are located above the garage door tracks. They function as the force that enables the spring to move the garage door against the gravity.

Since these garage door springs hold a lot of tension, they are tightly wound that when they break, could cause serious injuries and worse – death. This is the reason why it is not advisable to include the maintenance and repair of your garage door springs to your list of DIY projects.

A1 Garage Door Service, the expert for your garage door springs

Whether it is to buy garage door springs or have it installed, A1 Garage Door Service is the one to call. They have a team of technicians well-trained to handle all of your garage door needs any time of the day. Whether it is in the wee hour of the morning or in the latest hour of the night, you can trust A1 Service to come to your rescue in terms of your garage needs. You can also be sure that your safety is not compromised because their team of professionals went under a battery of background checks to ensure your protection.

Being in the industry since 2006, A1 Garage Door Service is known to provide unparalleled service to their customers. They are also a distributor of wide array of garage door products trusted for the quality they provide. Whatever springs you need, they have it all. Plus, it comes with all sorts of discounts and warranties that goes with the product. They are even going to brief you of the maintenance you need to make your purchase last longer. Thus, you are ensured to have your money’s worth.

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