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How Do Garage Door Remotes Work?

A remote control is a component that controls electronic components in your homes wirelessly from a short distance. It brings everyone the convenience of having to control a device without going near it. This is an important function especially to a system such a garage door.

Importance of garage door remote

People have come to rely on the automatic operation of garage doors. The way it could be controlled from a distance is an added bonus.

It gives them a relief from having to repeatedly go out of their cars to push wired wall buttons that would open or close their garage doors whenever they are going to use it. It prevents exposure from weather extremities as much as possible as you can get off your car under the shade of your garages. This is most especially in times of too much rain or cold.

For places with high crime rate, a wireless operated garage door serves as another layer of protection as it is not easy to be tampered with especially with garage doors having additional security features. You are also safer because there is a relatively lower probability of being robbed and mugged as you open your garage door manually because with a remote, you could already go straight inside your garages and close it behind you.

Nowadays, your smartphones could already serve as your garage door remote. This is more convenient in a way that you could control your garage door from a greater distance. This allows you to let in and out your friends and loveones in times of emergencies and to run errands for you when you are gone. With advance set-up and programming, this also enables you to watch over your home whenever you are not around.

Not all remote could work well with your garage door. In buying one, or replacing your old one, you need to consider the compatibility of both devices. You can check this by researching about the model you have, by calling the customer support of the manufacturer of your unit and by seeking the advice of your garage door service provider.

The mechanism of a garage door remote

Garage door remote serves as a small radio transmitter that sends special code to your garage door opener to open or close your garage door. But in order for this to work out, both device should be of the same frequency of each other.

Before you can use your remote control or wireless keypad, you should be able to program it first with your garage door. This is easy and depending on the opener you have, could just take a few steps.

One common way to program your remote with your opener is to just press the LEARN/Smart button in both devices simultaneously. A light from the opener will indicate the success of the pairing.

Another way that is common especially for older models of garage doors is through setting the dip switch into a frequency that is the same as your opener. By programming it in that manner, you’d be able to use your remote with your opener.

Buy only garage door remote from your trusted garage door service provider

If you need to buy a garage door remote for your garage door, you can contact A1 Garage Door Service easily and they’ll immediately provide help for you.

They have the largest collection of garage door parts in their storage that is available for you anytime you call. They have various types of remotes of different brands so you can be assured that you’ll have the one you need that would be compatible with your device. Plus, they do not have just the remotes, they also have other wireless devices such as keypads that will upgrade the function of your door.

A1 Garage Door Service is also a trusted garage door service provider for over a decade now. They have a legion of customers that look up to the quality of service they provide. From repairs, to maintenance, tune-ups and inspection and even installation, they are the only one trusted to make it. When you call them to get the remote you need, their service does not stop there, they’ll even walk you through the process of programming it.

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