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Your garage door opener serves as the center of command of your garage doors. It is where the command you send through buttons or wireless device is sent to be processed for your garage door to open and close as you please.

Since your garage door opener plays a vital role in the overall function of your garage doors, it is a must that it remains to be in good shape at all times.

Broken garage door openers

There could be many problems that could point to your garage door as the source. But it doesn’t mean that you have to tear off your garage door opener as a whole and buy a new one for replacement. You need to take into consideration that inside your garage door are many different components that when broken, could be replaced independently. You just have to pinpoint the source of the problem and work from there.

For instance, if your wireless access such as remote controls or smartphones cannot command your garage door to open or close, the problem could lie within the radio transmitting part of your garage door opener. This is most especially when the buttons wired to your garage doors are able to open or close your garage doors.

You may also consider checking if your garage door remote is working properly. If you have two, check the other remote. If your other remote works then the problem lies on the remote that is not working It may have been reset, not synced properly, or maybe just running out of battery. The solution on this is easier and much cheaper than considering replacing your whole garage door opener.

If your garage doors are not closing properly, the problem may not be on the garage door openers per se, but could be due to obstructions in its way, if not signals that are messing with the function of your sensors. Your garage door sensors may just need thorough cleaning or needs to be realigned. If your garage door sensors are already broken, you could simply order sensors from your garage door parts’ provider.

The important thing is tracing where the problem is coming from before making any big repairs that are not necessary.

If you do not have the knowledge to determine what is wrong, you can always call your trusted garage door service providers. You just need to be sure that the one you all is not out to make replacements and repairs where it is not due. Trust only those who are honest and with reputation to maintain.

Trusted garage door provider – A1 Garage Door Service is on top of the list

For trusted garage door provider, there is only A1 Garage Door Service to call. For over 10 years, this family-owned company have already proven to provide unparalleled garage door service and excellent customer care leave clients only satisfied with their work.

As a proof of their dedication they have been a recipient of Super Service Award from Angie’s List and continuously garnered 5-star rating from YELP and A+ rating from BBB. Their client have strongly benefitted from their efficiency and reliability. Plus, their team of experts are recognized only for the quality of work they provide and for being friendly, polite and professional in every work they do.

You can trust that the work they do are only of the highest quality as they are licensed, bonded, and insured and belongs in the roll of Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors. In addition to the fact that every experts they hire underwent numerous trainings and criminal background checks for the protection of their customers. Surely, in term of credibility and quality of service, they have it all. You are guaranteed to experience only the best garage door service in the industry.

A1 Garage Door Service is your one-stop shop when it comes to everything related to your garage doors. From superb maintenance, repair, inspection and even installation service, they are only the one to call. They’ll even provide you with top of the line garage door parts for your needs.

So for your garage door concerns, whether just to check for problems on your garage door openers and its components, or you need any part of your garage door to be replaced, only calls the best and the only one trusted for garage door services – A1 Garage Door Service. Call them now at 844-214- 2724.

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