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Are you in need of a new garage door opener? Is your existing one malfunctioning or not anymore the best for your garage doors? Or do you want to just upgrade it to a better and more modern one?

No matter the reason, A1 Garage Door Service can help you decide on what type of garage door to have next.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door opener functions as the heart of your garage door system. It controls the opening and closing of your garage door and it is also the one which receives first the command before your garage door get to do anything. Garage door is a very important part because without it, your garage doors won’t function at all.

Garage doors also have the necessary mechanisms that prevent serious accidents from happening to you and your family. It has photoelectric eyes which detect any obstruction in the way so that it automatically stops from moving when something catches the “eye”. This stops your pets and small children from getting crushed under its weight.

Garage door openers come in different styles. Some are controlled by switches on garage walls. Others are accessed through a keypad where code is encoded before getting it to open. The most popular however are those which could be accessed through remote control.

With the improvement in technology, some garage door openers now have better security features such as rolling codes and encrypted radio signals that discourage criminal activities. There are also brands which included built-in wifi access to their unit.

When it comes to the sounds it emits, various garage door openers have different level of loudness as they function. This depends on whether the trolley is pulled along the track by chain, belt, or screw.

Although every brand has a unique feature that makes it attractive to consumers, what makes them stick is the durability of the product and the quality of service they get by purchasing the opener. Also, the generosity of the discounts and warranty offered together with the opener is also a big consideration. This why some opener brands offer lifetime warranties.

A1 Garage Door Service is your expert on garage door openers

When it comes to the garage door openers, the best one-stop shop is A1 Garage Door Service. They have all top-of-the line brands that make them the largest distributor of not only garage door openers but all garage door parts as well.

They have a professional team that works 24/7 to satisfy all the garage door needs of every individual. They respond fast and efficiently and when you need an advice of what garage door openers or parts to get, they will immediately give you a line up to choose from. That’s how A1 Service is – reliable and will always make your lives easier.
They also offer various garage door services from repairs and maintenance, to installation and inspection. Plus free cost-estimates. They offer everything under an affordable price. All you need is to call to book your appointments now.

Call A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214- 2724 for your entire garage door needs.

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