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When Were Garage Door Openers Invented?

Garage doors since its first creation have made an impact to every individual’s lives. For some, it serves as a shelter that ensures that automobiles are protected from outside harm. Others see it as a way to give additional impression to their homes as garage door could come in various styles, colors, materials that when done right, could upgrade instantly the beauty of one’s home.

While there are also those who invest on garage doors due to the added value they bring. This is most especially in times when you are thinking of putting your property in the market for the chance of moving into something new.

Until the introduction of garage door openers, garage doors are manually operated. This proved to be inefficient and requires a lot of work since garage doors have a lot of weight on them that makes it difficult for just one person to lift and lower whenever their garage will be used for any purpose.  Not to mention, this also posed various threats to safety as such operation does nothing to improve the security of the household.

The making of garage door openers

A garage door is known to be the heart of your garage doors. It is a motorized device that enables your garage doors to open or close. There are three well-know types of garage door openers namely, the belt-drive, the screw-drive and the chain-drive.

Garage door openers made way to automated garage doors that made people’s lives easier. It was in 1926 in Hartford City, Indiana that the electric garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson and from there started now the continuous evolution

Now, from being controlled by just a button or a switch situated on the garage door walls, garage doors could already be accessed through different wireless devices such as remote controls, electronic wireless keypads, or even a smartphone. It could already be equipped with wi-fi where your smartphones could connect directly to enable you to monitor and control your garage doors anywhere you are.

This also could reduce the hassle especially when you are not at home and you need to let a friend or a family member in your home to run errands for you. If you’re garage is another entrance to your home, you could just let them in by giving them the appropriate codes and just change again the codes after your return.

For more security features for your garage doors, you could seek the advice of your trusted garage door experts.

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