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Garage door wireless devices have been one of the greatest improvements in terms of garage doors. It enables home owner safer passage to and from their homes any time of the day. Gone were the worries of being assaulted by criminals whenever you go out of your cars to open or close your doors especially in the middle of the night.

One could already go straight to the warmth and safety of their garages just by keying the right codes on their wireless keypad access or by just pushing a button on their remote control. Hassle-free and more secured, thus, more convenient to every garage door owners.

To upgrade, one can simply buy the necessary wireless device, synchronize it with your garage door openers and voila! You are good to go.

Synchronizing your garage doors with your garage door remote

In buying a garage door remote, it is advisable to know first the specification of the opener you have. There are instances when a garage door opener could only be paired to a specific garage door remote. Buying a universal garage door not only would incur an additional cost, but won’t work with the garage door opener you have.

To check if your garage door opener could be paired with any remote or keypad device, you could contact the customer care hotline of your manufacturer for assistance. You could also check the reviews and manuals available online or you could just contact your local garage door service provider.

Another reason why your garage door remote doesn’t work is that it is not properly sync with your opener. This is most especially to newly acquired remotes or wireless device. To program it, you just need to locate the LEARN button on your garage door opener and remote simultaneously until the indicator lights blink on your opener. Test if your garage door remote is working by clicking the button to open or close it. You can do this about 5-10 minutes max.

For some garage doors, especially older ones, an additional set up is needed by adjusting the DIP switches on the remote to match that of the garage door opener. They should be programmed to be in the same frequency before you can use your garage door remote.

You could also check the battery if it needs replacement. Most of the time, garage door owners overlook this fact and jump instantly to the conclusion that the garage door opener, or the garage door remote is defective.

For better assistance, seek the help of A1 Garage Door Service and they are guaranteed to do the troubleshooting for you.

Feel the benefit of having a remote-accessed garage doors by upgrading with A1 Garage Door Service

If you need to find the most suitable garage door remote, A1 Garage Door Service would be able to help you. They have a wide array of wireless devices that would pair well with the garage door you have. All you have to do is to contact them to walk you through the available products they have.

Aside from remotes and keypads, they also carry other high-quality garage door materials such as springs, cables, tracks, rollers and openers. All of these are of the lowest possible prices and come with discounts and warranties. They even do garage door services such as installation, repair and maintenance services. With A1 Garage Door Service, you’ll only get the best service you deserve.

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