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Garage doors come in different materials. Steel or metal doors are oftentimes used due to cost efficiency and durability. In order to enhance the maximum performance of steel or metal doors, these are most often galvanized.

The process of galvanizing refers to the application of a zinc coating to steel sheets through a process referred to as a “continuous hot-dip.” This is a process in which the steel sheets are passed in a bath of molten zinc, which allows the zinc to bond to the iron to form a protective layer. Then the steel or metal sheets undergo a spinning process towards finishing. Galvanizing prevents the onset of corrosion, ensuring that the steel or metal is protected. The galvanizing process is the most economical way of protecting metal or steel sheets from corrosion.

A1 Garage Door Service offers an array of galvanized steel metal garage doors. Why do we recommend the installation of steel garage doors? Steel doors are low-maintenance. If ever, what you only need to do is an annual cleaning of your door with detergent and warm water. Rust is also not a problem on steel garage doors because that can be easily remedied with paint or polyester coating.

Steel doors can be uninsulated, insulated and may have double skin. It is also possible for steel doors to have composite, vinyl boards, or faux trim on its exterior in order to look like wood. Steel doors can also be designed to look like traditional carriage house garage doors. Right now, with all the technological innovations, there can actually be no limits in terms of the designs and styles that can be done to steel garage doors. For example, we carry steel doors in vintage designs, with decorative windows, special hardware, different color choices and finishes. Steel garage doors can also be treated in order to ensure greater durability, dent-resistance, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

With all the different choices available in steel garage doors coupled with its cost-efficiency, now is the right time to order your galvanized steel garage door.

Painting galvanized garage doors

Another question that most commonly comes up is where galvanized garage doors can be painted. The answer to this is a resounding YES.

Some people might encounter problems in painting their galvanized garage doors because during the galvanizing process, the metal develops a thin protective layer of oil that prevents good paint adhesion. This is further compounded by the development of a thin coating of white rust on a weathered galvanized metal. However, there are techniques for painting your galvanized garage door which includes removing the oil and the rust.

The important thing to consider here is to have a professional garage door service install and paint your galvanized garage door. This is because a company like A1 Garage Door Service would know how to properly care for your garage door. At the same time, we will even give you FREE advice and throw in deals and discounts just for you.

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