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Do you want to a convenient way of operating your garage door while ensuring the safety and security of your home?

We would recommend installing a garage door opener that can be operated through a remote.

A remote to control your garage door opener and automatically open or close your garage door is quite handy as it relieves the homeowner of having to leave the car and open or close the heavy garage door. A garage door remote looks and operates like your regular television remote except that it sends an infrared signal to the garage door opener to trigger a switch that will open or close your garage door.

There was a time wherein the first generation of garage door opener remotes have the same type of code. This was a major security risk as burglars or thieves using the same brand of remote can simply open your garage door with a flick of a finger. Then, there came this type of remotes that used dip switches which the homeowner can set to a unique combination. A lot of homeowners just left it at the default setting which led to a reported number of burglaries and other types of crime.

Now however, there are different types of garage door remotes and A1 Garage Door Service has several collections that will assure you of the best security. The difference lies in the number of buttons and in the ability to use just one remote to control several doors in the household.

However, always remember this when buying your garage door opener remotes, for your security:

Check your remote settings. Is it on default mode? If so, better to change it to a unique combination. If you are getting a new garage door opener, better to request for one that features rolling code technology. This will ensure that your remote will transmit a brand new security code each time you press it, making it difficult for burglars using a code grabber to hack into your system.

Invest on the latest garage door opener remotes and keyless entry systems. The latest version of garage door remotes is oftentimes the most secure. As much as possible, it is recommended to upgrade to new garage door remotes to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Aside from remotes, you can also strengthen your garage door’s security system by busing garage door monitors, control panels and keyless entry systems.

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