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How Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

An automated garage door has been a useful part of one’s home eversince it was invented. Gone were those days when more than a couple of muscles are needed to operate a garage door.

Nowadays, all we needed to do is to press a button and the garage door will already open or close as desired. We could even navigate our doors already to operate even from a distance. This makes it more convenient for us as we do not anymore to go out of our cars whenever we go to and fro our homes. It is much safer too since a remote controlled garage door is harder to be tampered with.

With the presence of safety devices installed in every garage door since it was mandated in the 90’s, garage door now are less likely to cause injuries by accidentally closing and crushing people under its weight.

Garage door sensors and their function

Garage door sensors are safety devices that serve as photoelectric eyes that watch over obstruction in their way. They have a beam that passes from one sensor to the other that when broken, prevents your door from totally closing. It is located normally not more than 6 inches above the floor that helps prevent children and pets alike who accidentally cross under the closing garage door to be crushed under its immense weight.

When something is detected by the sensors to be blocking the way of the garage doors when one attempts to close it, the door automatically stops halfway from closing and reverts back to its original position. The door cannot be forced to close until the emergency lever is pulled.

This is why, it is important to keep your sensors in a good working condition. When your garage door fails to work accordingly, e.g., prevents your door from closing when you cannot see any physical obstruction in the way, then it is possible that the garage door signal is just hampered by the accumulation of dirt and dust on the sensors or just misalignment.

Most of the time, to solve this, one just needs to clean the sensors using a soft, clean cloth or just fix the alignment by tightening the screws of the bracket holding the sensors, or even bend it a little to realign. If problems persist, better call your garage door technician to assist you in troubleshooting.

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