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Very often, homeowners ask us about the security of their garage doors. Of course, this is a very important consideration since the garage door, especially if attached to the home, is another entryway which burglars can take advantage of.

Generally, new garage doors, particularly the ones that A1 Garage Door Service – the number 1 in the industry – installs, are safe and secure.

There was a time wherein the first generation of garage door openers have the same type of code. This was a major security risk as burglars or thieves using the same brand of remote can simply open your garage door with a flick of a finger. Then, there came this type of garage door openers that used dip switches which the homeowner can set to a unique combination. A lot of homeowners just left it at the default setting which led to a reported number of burglaries and other types of crime.

Fortunately, there is now new technology for garage door openers that will always make your garage door secure so you can have peace of mind. A1 Garage Door Service has an array of garage door openers and other security mechanisms from all of the top brands where you can choose from. We will even advise you on the best type of security feature that is appropriate for your garage door, all for FREE.

Important considerations to ensure the security of your garage door

In order to ensure the safety and security of your garage door, it pays to take note of the following considerations:

  • Check your garage door locking system. Is it using a factory-installed garage door locking mechanism? If so, consider investing on a system that has enhanced security.
  • Check your garage door opener. Is it an old one? Is it working properly? If not, it pays to have an experienced technician inspect it and ensure its proper maintenance. Your technician will also be able to advise you if it would be better to invest on a new garage door opener to enhance your home’s security.
  • Check your remote settings. Is it on default mode? If so, better to change it to a unique combination. If you are getting a new garage door opener, better to request for one that features rolling code technology. This will ensure that your remote will transmit a brand new security code each time you press it, making it difficult for burglars using a code grabber to hack into your system.
  • Invest on remotes and keyless entry systems. A remote to control your garage door opener and automatically open or close your garage door is quite handy as it relieves you of having to leave the car and open or close the heavy garage door. A garage door remote looks and operates like your regular television remote except that it sends an infrared signal to the garage door opener to trigger a switch that will open or close your garage door.
  • Check if it would be worth it to add garage door locks and defenders. Sometimes, just the sight of these can already act as a visual deterrent that keeps away the burglars.
  • Just remember that for any questions or professional advice on your garage door security, you can always count on A1 Garage Door Service. Just call us at 844-214-2724

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