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How to Install Garage Door Openers?

Garage door opener is the motorized part of your garage doors which enables its automatic opening and closing function. It responds from the command sent by a wall button or keypad, or even from a paired remote control, smartphones or other wireless devices.

With the absence garage door opener, any garage door would cease to function automatically, reverting the function back to manual mode.

The importance of having a garage door opener

The creation of garage door openers made way to an easier and more convenient use of garage doors for homeowners. Since garage doors naturally incorporate immense weight in them, homeowners could already be relieved of manually moving their doors whenever they are going to use their garages.

This is most especially when garages function not only as a room for cars but an extended living space that is frequently used as well.

Garage door openers are not only convenient but safe to use as well. With the mandate of the federal government in the 90’s, all garage doors that are manufactured since 1993 are already equipped with safety features that are found in the garage door openers.

Such safety devices include garage door sensors that prevent garage doors from closing on someone by accident. Also, in time of electric failure, broken fuses or breaker, a garage door could be controlled manually by pulling an emergency lever.

Installing a garage door opener

If you are thinking of replacing your old garage door because it is broken, you might want to diagnose further first the cause of the problem. You may discover that you need not change the whole garage door opener but just a part or some component. This would save you the cost and the effort.

Garage door openers come in many types and features. The 3 basic types are the chain-drive, the screw-drive, and the belt-drive. The most notable difference between these three are the sound they make when they operate, the component used to control the trolley that actually moves the garage door and the amount each of them costs.

Knowing the difference between these three would enable you to install the best one suitable for the garage door you have. You may also want to choose the one with the right horsepower depending on the garage door you have.

In installing your openers, it is important that it is of the right height and the opener’s rail perfectly aligned with the center of the door. It should be mounted solidly to a strong brace to lessen vibrations and eliminate sway.

Avoid using the old components such as the sensors. Your old opener components may not be compatible with the new one you have. Take time also to fix all wirings as new openers tend to be sensitive about it. Damaged or worn wires may not work well with your opener.

Also, you may consider adjusting again all other settings such as opening and closing force and synchronizing all the wireless components such as your remotes and keypads to work well with your garage door openers. If you are not confident in setting this up, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s manual that came with your garage door opener. If not, call A1 Garage Door Service for assistance.

You don’t need to worry about any type of installation regarding your garage doors with A1 Garage Door Service

Garage door opener installation? No worries with A1 Garage Door Service. They have been installing garage door openers expertly for over 10 years, thus, you could trust that they’ll only give you a reliable service you can trust.

Without the apt knowledge, it is not advisable to experiment on any type of installation or repair service for your garage doors. This is because it involves complicated mechanics and wirings that may just cause serious accidents if not handled correctly with the use of proper tools. This is why, A1 Garage Door Service make sure that you are saved from the trouble by taking over for you.

They are known to only provide the best service when it comes to your garage doors. All you need is to call and they’ll immediately be at your door steps any time of the day. No problem is too small or big for them when it comes to your garage doors.

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