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Why Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

Homeowners have come to rely heavily on the operation of their garage door when it comes to keeping their cars safe and sound for outside harm. Whether it is from man-made situations such as vandalism and theft, to natural occurence such as the extremities of weather, with the presence of garage doors, they are ensured that whatever things they have in their garages would be well protected.

This is why having a garage door to malfunction is an inconvenience. But likewise, sometimes, having this “inconvenience” is inevitable. This is why, it is must to always get to the root of thing to as much as possible lessen the occurrence of problems as such.

Opening garage door

One of the most common problem encountered by garage door owners is when their garage door refuse to close. Even if it does attempt to close, it reverts back all the way to its open position. Sometimes even, a garage door just open by itself without any explanation and you are left there just standing and thinking about what went wrong.

There could be a number of reasons behind this but the most popular reason would be the direct effect of the garage doot sensor to the unit as a whole.

Garage door sensors serve as mechanical eye of your garage door. It detects all unwanted obstruction in its way to prevent crushing anything in its path. As a whole, it is an additional safety feature that makes your garage door safer for you and your family.

Your door opening on your own may mean that your sensors are detecting obstructions in its way. Check for any clutter around that may be causing this. After decluttering, try closing your garage door again.

Another reason that causes your door to open on its own is the misalignment of garage door sensors. When the sensors are misaligned, the beam that passes from one point to another is cut off, making the sensors assume that there is something blocking its way. To fix this, you could check for loose screws on your brackets and tighten it. If it doesn’t work, bend your bracket a little until your sensors align.

Choose only the best when it comes to garage door maintenance and repairs

Since your garage door is a complex system, sometimes it is not advisable to do troubleshooting on your own. If you’re garage door still opening on its own, then might as well call your garage door service provider

Call A1 Garage Door Service anytime and guaranteed, your garage doors will be functioning smoothly and efficiently again in no time. They’ll repair your garage door to get it back to its original pristine condition. They know that when your garage door keeps on opening on its own, it poses a threat to the household safety and security. This is why, before leaving you, it is assured that this won’t become a problem anymore.

A1 Garage Door Service has a team of expert technicians that have already proven to provide quality of service you can trust for over 10 years. No matter what the problem is in your garage door, the solution is guaranteed. From replacement of garage door parts, to repairing defective and malfunctioning components, to maintenance, garage door tune-up and inspection service, they give it their all for you. This is why, they have been receiving only the best feedbacks from legions of customers they have served throughout the years. They are even polite and friendly that enables them to provide great customer service.

For garage door that is malfunctioning, call only the best. Call A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214-2724 now.

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