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Perhaps one of the most common questions that we get at A1 Garage Door Service is on whether garage doors are paintable. The answer is a definite YES.

If you have peeling paint on your garage door, or if it is rusty, weathered or beaten-looking, or if you simply want a color change, then worry no more because most garage doors are paintable.

Garage doors made of steel, aluminum, metal, wood and fiberglass are paintable. To ensure the best color finish, always call an expert like A1 Garage Door Service – currently the number one in the industry.

Painting your garage door is a serious business. An expert knows how to do all the preparations prior to painting to ensure the best outcome. At the same time, an expert has the know how on the most appropriate type of primer, paint, how to mix it and how to properly apply it, depending on the material of your garage door. Plus, getting an expert will even save you a lot of money and effort especially if as a beginning, you will be doing a lot of trial and error in painting your garage doors.

Just remember, here are the best possible garage door colors that you may want to consider for your garage door:

Be cool with a BLUE garage door

A blue garage door can be very soothing, refreshing and calming. At the end of the day, it would be nice for a tired homeowner to come home to a relaxing blue garage door. There can be many shades of blue that can be used for a garage door — you can have a deep blue door, a stormy hue, turquoise, aqua, marine blue, midnight blue — the choices are endless. The important thing to note is that blue can also be very classic and timeless. But make sure that whatever type of blue paint you’ve chosen, it has to blend or complement the overall look of your home.

BLACK is beautiful

Black is a popular choice for garage doors because it is very elegant and timeless. Depending on how your garage door is used or positioned in the overall architectural scheme, a black door can add flair and drama. What’s more, it can hide dirt and imperfections.
A great come-on for having a black garage door is the fact that it is very minimalist and does not require much enhancement. If your house also includes a garden, it provides a great foil and makes all the green leaves in your garden appear greener.

Get the classic WHITE garage door

White is a good choice for a garage door because contrary to what others may say, it is never boring. A white garage door can change its look depending on where the light hits it. However, the common lament of homeowners is finding the right kind of white color for a garage door. There can be different white tones such as a creamy white, a bright white, dirty white, among others. The important thing is to determine how your white garage door looks alongside the other architectural elements of your home.

Make a bold statement with a RED garage door

If you want to make a bold and daring statement, the best way to do that is to color your garage door red. If the colors of your home are warm, muted tones, there is no better way to enhance it than by putting a punch of bright red right at the front of your garage door. Red, being the most intense color, raises the energy level. It denotes warmth and creates a strong impression. If you want people to immediately take notice of your home, having a bright or vibrant red garage door will do that for you. Depending on the hue, red can also add elegance to the look of your home. An elegant red creates a classic and timeless look.

Get a cheery YELLOW garage door

The yellow color is very uplifting and cheery. When used for a garage door, it can provide a bold statement for your home as well as serve as a point of discussion. Depending on how it
complements the curb appeal of your home, it can actually increase its market value.
What’s more, according to feng shui, the color yellow can usher in prosperity and abundance. This is because it is commonly associated with light and the sun.

Go all out with a dramatic PURPLE garage door

Choosing a purple color for your garage door can be very tricky. This is because if it is correctly used, and if it complements all the other exterior colors of your home, it can add a dramatic flair. However, if incorrectly applied, it may look tacky or garish. Fortunately, our professionals at A1 Garage Door Service can help you pick out the right purple tone to use in your garage door. As such, you should never fear choosing this color of abundance and prosperity to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

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