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If you are not paying attention to your garage door, it is not impossible that you’re missing the tell-tale signs that there are components that are more than ready to be replaced. Some are even holding on by the thread and are already slowly causing inconvenience, if not disaster.

If you think your garage door is not anymore working as it should be, then maybe it is now time for you to make assessments on what parts needed to be worked on to save your money from buying parts that still could be saved.

Garage door sensors – eyes of you garage doors

Garage door sensors are garage door components that are often overlooked when they get damaged. In fact, garage door owners most of the time may not even now that they have such component in their garage doors.

Garage door sensors are safety devices that are incorporated in a garage door which prevent it from closing in on people. They are photoelectric eyes that act as a look out whenever your garage doors open and close. They detect any obstructions in the way of garage door that whenever something gets in the way while it closes. It automatically stops and goes back up to prevent crushing anything on its way. Mandated in the early 90’s by federal government, it ensures a safer garage door for every family.

Broken garage door sensors

One indication that you have broken garage door sensors is that no matter how hard you push the buttons on your garage doors and garage door remotes, your doors still refuses to close. And even if your garage door goes down to close, it automatically stops mid-way and go back to its original position or gets stuck half-way from opening or closing.

When above occurrence happens to your garage door, it indicates that you are may be suffering from garage door sensors problems. But while this is a possibility – situations above could also be caused by broken garage door springs, among others, – it may not always mean that your garage door sensors needed to be replaced. Sometimes it just needs some cleaning as they accumulate dirt overtime.

Regularly cleaning your garage door sensors using a soft cloth will easily solve this.

Garage door sensors have exterior LED. After sometime, the screws that tend to keep your garage door sensors in place loosen causing misalignment between the sensors. If you encounter a blinking LED light, then the solution is to simply tighten the screws holding it into place if not bending the bracket that holds it to keep it in position.

Garage door wirings that are attached to your sensors could also cause your sensors to malfunction. For this, if you are not familiar with your garage door system then it is better to leave this to your garage door experts. Attempting to fix this on your own may just cause more severe damage to your garage doors sensors that may be a danger to you or your family.

Garage experts? Trust only A1 Garage Door Service

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