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If you are going to consider what had been the garage door in the previous years, you would amaze of how far it has improved. From being manually operated, everyone lives easier now with the automated function.

Gone were those days when extreme muscles are needed to open or close your garage door. Everything is more convenient now with the presence of remote access and other upgrades that strengthens the security your garage door. All in all, everything is much better now when it comes to the performance of garage doors.

With how in sync your garage door components are with each other as they deliver the maximum potential of your garage door, sometimes it’s still a wonder how it works.

Working garage door

Your garage door is a system that is made up of different parts that work together for your garage door to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Everything starts when you input a command through wall buttons, remotes, keypads or smartphones to open or close your doors. This is then received by the garage door openers which activates the motorized the garage door trolley and engages a track and pulley system that moves your garage door.

It is worth noting that all garage doors that are manufactured after 1993 are mandated to have additional safety features for the consumers. One of these is in the form of photoelectric sensors that serves as mechanical eyes which, when the beam that passes from one sensor to another gets disrupted by the presence of any obstruction in the way, prevents the close from closing all the way. This helps stop anybody from being crushed under its immense weight.

If your garage door is not working as such, then it is time now to call for someone to diagnose the problem on it. It is not impossible that there may be a component or two that is already damaged and in need of repair, if not replacement.

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Your garage door needs regular maintenance to function accordingly. As such, call A1 Garage Door Service to ensure that your garage door is well taken care of.

A1 Garage Door Service are experts for garage door inspection and tune-ups and regular maintenance to make sure that every part is in a good working condition and would last as long s possible. They would not overlook anything and would give your garage door the care it deserves. They are so thorough and focus on their job that not the smallest signs of wear and tear would escape their eyes.

They know the importance of prevention and early maintenance which prevents major repairs that incur a lot of cost to the side of the customers in the future. They will immediately suggest solutions to solve this and will not initiate any additional expenses without exploring first all the possibilities. This is customer service for you.

A1 Garage Door Service also offers garage door installation service that will give your home a nice make-over. You can choose from the collection they have and live with having the dream garage door you have.

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