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How Important are Garage Door Safety Sensors?

Have you ever wonder why your garage doors suddenly stops closing whenever someone walks across it? Do you know the reason why there are times when it refuses to close whenever there is something in its way?

If you haven’t discovered the reason yet, then your garage door sensors are the one at work then.

Garage Door Sensor – added safety feature for your garage doors

All garage door sensors that are manufactured since 1993 are mandated to have safety features that ensure the consumers’ protection. These include your garage door sensors.

Garage door sensors are basically the ‘eyes’ of your garage doors. Technically, they are photoelectric eyes that serve as a lookout for anything that obstructs the way of your garage doors. They come in pairs where a beam passes through one sensor to the other. This beam serves as a signal that when broken, prevents your door from totally closing and crushing anyone in its way.

Garage door sensors are located normally not more than 6 inches above the floor that helps prevent children and pets alike that accidentally cross under the closing garage door to be injured and crushed under its weight.

Since we are talking about the largest moving object in one’s home, this means one immense weight. Garage doors when needed to be moved manually would require more than just one pair of hands!

This is also why it is important for your garage doors to receive the proper care and maintenance for it to properly perform its function.

Garage door maintenance service

One of the required maintenance for your garage door sensors is to be free from the dust and dirt accumulation. One way to do this is to wipe it with soft cloth for cleaning.

For an undisrupted function, you may also check always for the alignment that may cause it to malfunction. When your garage door sensors are not aligned properly, the beam also breaks its alignment, signalling that there may be something that is in the way of your garage doors. This prevents your door from closing.

To fix this, you could simply check for the screws holding the bracket of your sensors. For loose screws, you could tighten it. In case you need to adjust the bracket itself to align it, simply bend it until the sensors are in line with each other.

For extreme repairs however, count on A1 Garage Door Service to fix it for you.

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