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The first thing that comes to mind when your garage door is not opening and closing as it should be is that there is something wrong with your garage door spring. This is the common conclusion since your garage door spring is the component responsible for holding the entire weight of your garage door. While it can also be due to other damaged parts, your garage door spring is the first part most people check.

Broken garage door springs

Garage door springs supports the weight and balances your garage doors. Due to the heavy load it holds, garage door springs are tightly wound and holds a huge amount of tension that when released suddenly could cause a major disaster to anyone present.

Since your garage door springs hold and lifts a minimum of 300 pounds of weight whenever it opens or close, it is most likely for it to break over time. In fact, a normal garage door spring only has an average lifespan of 7-9 years, assuming 10,000 cycles and it being used twice a day.

Depending on the durability and brand, some could last only up to 14 years maintaining the average usage of 2 cycles per day. This even decreases as your garage door is used more times a day.

So it is not anymore surprising when in the middle of the night you suddenly wake up on a loud noise. This is an indication that your garage door springs already gave up on you. If you do not witness this, the fact that your garage door refuses to open and weighs a ton when you attempt to open it is a clue itself that your garage door springs has issues that needed to be resolved.

Repairing your garage door springs

Attempting to repair your garage door spring on your own is good in a way that you could generate additional savings. However, it may cause more good than bad if you do not know what you’re getting your hands into. The best thing to do is to still get the help of experts for this.

If you get stuck inside your garage doors, pull the red emergency release cord located above your garage door to enable you to manually lift your door. You may need one or more pair of bulk muscles to do this since your garage door would weight a ton and accidentally dropping it should not simply be in the equation.

In replacing your garage door springs, you should be able to determine the type of garage door springs you need – whether a torsion spring or an extension spring. This would enable you to make the right choices when buying a replacement. It is worthy to note however, that if you have more than one spring, it is highly encouraged for you to replace this at the same time. Being of the same age, assuming they are installed at the same time, your other garage door spring may be subjected to the same problem of soon breaking.

But you need not think of all these technicalities of you simply resort to asking professional help. Not only you’d be relieved of the trouble of determining the how’s and what’s, you’d also be ensured that the replacement is being done right.

Garage door spring troubles – a job for A1 Garage Door Service

Getting your garage door springs fixed? A1 Garage Door Service is the expert to trust. They have been changing springs and all garage door components for over 10 years. As such, it is guaranteed that they will get the job right fast and easy.

There is no need for you to worry that you’d get stuck again inside your garages because before they leave you, they will assure that everything is working well with your garage doors.

Their team of experts are very professional and will get the job done any time you call. This is because they recognize all the danger a broken garage door brings, not only to their customers per se but to the safety and security of all concerned as well.

They are well adept in doing maintenance service, repair, inspection and even one-day installation. For immediate garage door replacement needs, they keep a wide array of products for any type of garage doors. And these do not come at an expensive price. Plus everything they offers come with generous discounts and warranties, for springs, even unlimited warranties – all good for your money’s worth.

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