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There are times when homeowners face the difficulty of closing their garage door properly. In fact, when they attempt to do so, their garage doors just keep on going back up no matter how hard they push the CLOSE button. This can be annoying and extremely hassle to anyone especially during those times when you are rushing out of your homes to work or to attend to an appointment. But what causes this?

Clutter in your garages

The problem of garage doors refusing to close even after the command through buttons or remote control is issued could be traced to several factors.
Garage doors manufactured after the early 90’s are all equipped with additional safety device that enables it automatically stop from closing whenever it detects any obstruction in the way. This helps ensure that your children and pets will not be crushed under the weight of your garage door in case they accidentally run under a closing door. This may also be what you are facing with your garage door.

If your garage door still refuses to close, check for any object that messes with the photoelectric eyes that guards your garage door path. Watch out for any boxes, brooms, or any tools near your garage door that appears as obstructions in its way. Remove it and try closing your doors again. If it closes this time then maybe you should think of doing a bit of decluttering for it not to happen again.

Broken/Damaged garage door components

Another cause of garage door not being able to close as it should be is a broken or damaged component. For instance, clogged or loose garage door tracks could be a reason why your garage door gets stuck to its position. Realigning your garage door tracks or cleaning it from small particles that causes it to malfunction will easily fix this dilemma. If there are loose fittings on your tracks, calling a professional will help you overcome this.

A broken or misplaced Garage door spring could also cause your garage doors to open or close unevenly and improperly. Depending on the gravity of the damage, for garage door springs, it is highly encourage contacting expert garage door services to fix this for you. Since garage door springs involve a lot of tension that when suddenly released may cause serious harm and sometimes death, it is not advisable to have this as one of your DIY projects especially when you do not have enough knowledge in doing the repairs yourself.
Power also plays an important role in the function of your garage doors as it fuels the movement of your garage doors. Check if electricity is flowing throughout your home. If not, then most probably this is the cause of your problem.

A1 Garage Door Service expert in caring for your garage doors

If you cannot still determine the root cause of your garage door problem then it is now time to call a back up.

A1 Garage Door Service is the one to call in all types of garage door problem. They are open 24/7 to answer you concerns and attend to you. Whatever the problem, they will immediately arrive at your doorsteps to ensure that you will need no more. They fix everything fast and efficiently.
For garage door not properly closing, A1 Garage Door Service will find a solution for you. They will find the root of the problem and immediately move to fix this problem. They know the importance of safety and security to you and your family. As such they will double time to attend to your emergency garage door needs.

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