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Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. While your house put a shelter over your head, your garage door protects your vehicle(s) and the content of your garages from outside harm.

Without your garage doors, the inside of your garages will suffer from corrosion brought about by ever-changing weather and high humidity. This is why it is a must that your garage door should be well-kept to maintain a good working condition.

Garage door not closing

It is really bothersome when you get to your home and your garage door refuses to close. No matter how hard you press the buttons on your remote and on the entry of your garage door, it just won’t budge – or if it does, it just reverts back to its original open position.

There could be many reasons that lead to this. One that has the easiest solution and the cheapest may be that you need to consider decluttering.

Your garage door is equipped with safety devices that ensure that you won’t be crushed under its immense weight. It has sensors that serve as a look out to anything it its way. This is why if your door is refusing to close, then maybe, it is detecting an obstruction.

Find if there is anything breaking the beam of your sensors, if there is, remove it and try again. Check also if your garage door sensors are misaligned. Try tightening the screws or adjusting the brackets.

Is your electricity working? You may check if your garage door plugged well before rushing into initiating major repairs. It may be that your breaker or your fuse is broken, thus, your door is not functioning as well.

Another reason may be that your garage door is functioning on a manual mode. Your garage door has a feature that allows you to override automation when there is a power outage. This allows you to close your door manually in the absence of electricity. Check for the switch and just flip it back to auto mode.

If the problem persists, then it may mean that something more serious is wrong with your garage doors. It is a must that you call your garage door provider immediately to check.

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There are times when the reason why your garage door refuses to close is that its track is broken, if not some other hardware. Better call A1 Garage Door Service immediately to check on it. They diagnose and troubleshoot fast, thus, you need not suffer the hassle of waiting after a long and tiring day. Due to the years of experience, they can easily determine any problems and provide solution. This is why, they have become only the most trusted garage door service in town.

If replacement is needed, they also hold a large collection of garage door parts that are known of their superb quality. Thus, you are sure that it will last. Plus, this even comes with discounts and warranties that are of the lowest possible prices. You need not worry about being overcharged.

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