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The garage door opener is at the heart of your garage door mechanism. This is because it controls the opening and closing of your garage door.

Now, it is important to understand how a garage door opener works so that you will be able to ensure its proper maintenance and safety. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, faulty garage door openers are the most common causes of accidents in garage doors. As such, it is important keep it properly maintained and in optimal condition.

Fortunately, A1 Garage Door Service is at your beck and call 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. We offer an emergency service to help you out with any problems with your garage door opener or with your garage door. Just call us at 844-214-2724.

Important components of a garage door opener

In order to study how your garage door opener works, it is essential to know its various components. A garage door opener is made up of the following components:

Motors and Gears

Your garage door opener has a set of motor and gears. The motor is the one powering up the opening and closing movement of your garage door, no matter its weight. The gears assist the motor in this function.

Drive Guide

Your garage door has a drive guide that enables the chain, belt or screw to travel through the garage door opener’s system. In the operation of your garage door, it is the drive guide that will position the pulling mechanism into place. If there are any problems with your drive guide, you will see that your garage door with stop and start during its operation.


Your garage door springs serve as the muscle in the operation of your garage door. During the opening of your garage door, the spring will uncoil and send this tension to the door. When the door closes, the spring will help to bear a majority of the weight. If your garage spring becomes damaged or broken, it is important to immediately consult A1 Garage Door Service.
In order to ensure that your garage door system is in optimal condition, it is important to follow the steps below:

  1. Check the different components of your garage door — brackets, cables, fasteners, tracks, and supports. See if there are loose, bent, or worn parts. If you know how to fix issues, you can do it yourself especially if it is as simple as tightening some screws. Contact an expert if necessary.
  2. Check the cord connections, especially the one between the opener and the electrical outlet. If frayed, you will need to fix it immediately or call a technician.
  3. Determine if batteries in the remote control are still working. Replace if necessary.
  4. Test your openers auto reverse system, if not once a month then at least every couple of months. Follow the procedures stated in the manual. When in doubt, it is better to consult a technician in order to ensure the alignment of the electronic eyes.
  5. Apply lubricants on the moving parts, especially the chain, screw and rollers.
  6. Test the manual release handles which allows you to open your garage door manually when your garage door opener is malfunctioning.

Always remember that for the sake of your safety, check with a professional such as A1 Garage Door Service if you encounter any problems or issues with your garage door.

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