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Is your garage door not working well with your wireless device? Are you thinking of replacing it because of this case?

Before you move forward into replacing your garage door remote, keypad, or other wireless access, or even thinking about replacing your garage door opener or the garage door itself, might as well look into the possible problems that ay be leading to the problems you are encountering.

Problems on garage door remotes

When you’re remote devices are not working with your garage door, there is no reason for you to jump immediately into buying a replacement device. It is better to trace the root of the problem first before rushing into buying another one that may just cause similar problems.

8 out of 10 instances when your garage door remote is not working is due to a need for battery replacement. Try replacing the battery on your wireless device and try using it again with your garage door. If it works, then your problem is solved.

Another cause may be that your garage door remote is not paired properly with your doors. This could be remedied easily for some garage doors as it only takes about 10 minutes or less for both units to be sync with each other. A home owner just needs to press the LEARN button from the opener, in time with pressing it on the remote control. After an indication from the LED lights, your garage door is now paired with the remote. You just need to test it afterwards to check if it works.

Your garage door remote may not also be compatible with the garage door you have. If you are using a universal remote control, you may consider checking for its compatibility with your garage door. This could be done by calling your brand’s customer care hotline, or referring to manuals that come with it or could be found online. You could also consult your garage door specialists for advice.

Some garage doors only accept remotes and keypads that are of the same brand. Using other brands or a universal remote control, just won’t work with it. Better check if your garage door among this types.

For older types of garage doors, there is a need to set the DIP switches into the same frequency as your openers. Doing this may be just the solution to your problem.

Or if you still cannot figure things out, seek the help of the experts. Call A1 Garage Door Service now.

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By calling A1 Garage Door Service, you are ensured that your garage door problem will have a solution. They are well-adept in the ins and outs of every garage door mechanism so over the years, they have already mastered everything that has to do with your garage doors.
From as simple as advice on what garage door replacement parts to get, to opinions on garage door best suited for you, they can help you with it everytime you call. They also do troubleshooting, repair and maintenance service whenever you need it. They are your one-stop shop when it comes to garage door needs.

They even do one-day garage door installation for you. All you need is to call them and they’ll surely be at your doorstep no matter what time of the day.

They recognize the need for every individual to feel safe and secured in their own households. This is why they won’t let a malfunctioning garage door get in the way of ensuring that. They will even make sure that every component is in perfect condition for the homeowner’s protection.

For any garage door trouble, just call A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214-2724 and your problem is as good as solved. Call them now to book your appointments.

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