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Are you having problems about your garage door not closing properly? Or is your garage door closing but repeatedly reversing itself? If so, then maybe you want to have your limit switch checked.

A garage door limit switch is set to control the length of how far your door rises and lowers from the ground. Depending on the brand, the switch usually looks like two white knobs located on either the tracks of your garage door or on the garage door opener housing. If you still cannot find it on both places, then internet is a helpful tool in locating manuals pertaining to the maintenance of your garage door limit switch.

Resetting your garage door limit switch

One of the tell-tale signs that your switch is not properly set is that your garage door refuses to open and close all the way. Using simple home tools such as the flat head screwdriver could help you in adjusting your garage door limit switch.

Adjustment on your garage door switches could be done as follows:

  1. 1. Determine if your garage door switch needs adjustment. As what was previously mentioned, one indication of your garage door switch not working properly is its inability to open and close properly – reversing automatically when it is closes fully. When this happens, check on the height above the floor where it usually stops. This would determine how much adjustment you should make on the switch.
  2. Garage door limit switch varies. The most common limit switch is that with 2 slotted plastic screws where one represents the up limit and the other, the down limit. Each of this screw has an indicator whether it should be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to be able to make the necessary adjustment. When the door needs to be adjusted downward, an arrow may show you a downward direction and another one pointing to the right to indicate that the screw needs to be turned clockwise.Aside from screws, for some garage doors, door travel limits could also be adjusted digitally. Different buttons in this case are made for the specific purpose of either an upward or downward adjustment. Since this differs across different brands, it pays to have a professional who could walk you through the process.
  3. In adjusting your switch through the screws, the gap between the floor and the door should be measured accordingly. Clockwise turn often increases the travel distance while counterclockwise turn decreases it. For every inch gap between the door and the garage floor, there is a corresponding number of clockwise or counterclockwise turn that should be made on the screw for it to be achieve the necessary adjustment. Since, this differs on every brand of garage doors, there is a need to contact customer support if not a garage door expert.

You’re in good hands with A1 Service

Fortunately, A1 Garage Door Service is always ready to serve such need. They are open any time of the day to cater to all of your garage needs. From necessary adjustments on your garage door limit switch to much more complicated repair and maintenance, you can count on the A1 Service.

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