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There are a lot of do-it-yourself articles on the internet and even videos on how to install yourown garage door. A lot of homeowners would even attempt to do it, in order to save oncosts.

Our advice: never attempt to install your garage door especially if you do not have anytraining for it.

Installing a garage door is hard. It is made up of complex mechanisms which when notproperly installed, will be dangerous for you and your loved ones. In fact, according to dataof the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 20,000 people each year have beentreated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to garage doors.

Aside from being dangerous, if you do not have any training in installing garage doors, youmay find that it is not appropriate to your garage or that you may make some mistakes in theinstallation. This will cause you to spend more than you should have on your garage door.

Therefore, it is important to always call an experienced technician to install your garage door.A1 Garage Door Service assures you the best service at the most cost-efficient price. Plus,we will even give you FREE professional advice, warranties, deals and discounts.

Importance of getting your garage door installed by a professional

Remember that it pays to get a professional to install your garage door. These are theimportant reasons why:

    1. Garage door service professionals are experienced in handling your garage door.Theycan even provide you with the advice on the most appropriate door to install for yourgarage. The advice can cover the following:

      Garage Door Materials — They can provide you with different options on the type ofmaterials such as wood, steel or aluminum. They can also advise you on considerationssuch as cost, noise factor, insulating properties of the materials, including itsmaintenance.

      Aesthetics — You can also get advise in terms of different designs, styles and colors.

      Accessories — You can opt to have window inserts or glass panels, you can have ceilingor wall mounted openers et. al., just consult with your garage door technician.

      Safety and Security Measures — You can select keyless entry, use rolling codes or eventap your smartphone to serve as a security control for your garage door. Your garagedoor technician can advise you on this.

      Energy efficiency — You can choose from different materials with different R-valuesdepending on your insulation needs. Your technician will be the best person to provide you with the technical considerations, for your guidance

    2. Garage door professionals will ensure the proper installation of your garage door andmaximize its performance, efficiency and durability.
    3. Having your garage door installed by a professional will save you a lot of time in trying tofigure out your garage door, effort as well as money. Note that garage door technicianswill even provide you with warranties on your garage door and its system.
    4. You can be assured that a garage door professional will ensure the safety of your garagedoor system so you can have peace of mind.
    5. Most garage door service installers are bonded, licensed and insured and are evenmembers of professional organizations. This is for your added protection.

So what are you waiting for. Have your garage door installed by a professional now. A1Garage Door Service is the best in the industry. Call us at 844-214-2724

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