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There are instances when homeowners need to buy a spare remote or a replacement one. Often times it may be due to the lost or misplaced wireless device, but there are instances when it is simply because the device is not anymore working.

No matter the reason, it is not always easy to find a replacement remote control to sync with your garage door unit. Universal remotes do not work with every garage door in the market.

Considerations when buying a remote control

When buying a remote control, one thing to consider is the brand of your garage door unit. One needs to seek advice on whether any garage door remote would work well with your existing garage door. You can call the customer care hotline of the brand you have and ask for assistance on whether buying any garage door remote would work. Otherwise, you may be just exhausting funds on a device that you wont be able to use.

You can also resort to manuals and online catalogues that come with your garage door units. If unhelpful, seek reviews on the product online.

Synchronizing your new garage door remotes

It takes only a few steps to get your new remote to work well with your garage doors. One way is for you to simultaneously press the LEARN button on your garage door opener and your garage door unit for it to be in sync with each other. Depending on the type of garage door opener you have, there is usually a light indicator that tells you when the pairing is successful and doing this process would only take about 10 minutes if not less. This is also applicable in programming your wireless keypad with your garage doors.

Older and more traditional garage doors require a DIP switch to be turned on in order for your garage door opener to pair properly with your remote. These DIP switches are transmitters located in your garage door remotes which settings should match those transmitters located in the receiver. In pairing, the frequency in both devices should be matched as well.

The location of the receiver varies depending on the brand of garage doors you have. Genie garage door opener for instance have it either behind the light lens of the garage door opener motor head, or inside an external small rectangular box on the ceiling which is connected to the motor head by a set of wires.

A1 Garage Door Services offers various types of garage door remotes

If you are still looking for a garage door remote then the best one to call is A1 Garage Door Service. They offer a variety of garage door remotes for any type of garage doors. They both have universal remote and specific garage door remotes for many different brands. Plus, they’ll even walk you through the process of pairing it up with the current garage doors you have.

When you call them, you benefit from over a decade of experience of the best garage door service provider in town. They have a team of experts ready to help your concerns 24/7. They do not only offer remotes but they also have a large collection of every garage door parts you will ever need. These come at a very low price with generous discounts and warranties they offer with these products. They even do home service repairs, inspection, maintenance and garage door installation if you need it. They are your all-around garage door technicians.

Call A1 Garage Door Service now at 844-214-2724.

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