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Are you looking for a durable and lasting garage door cable? Is the brand of the one you have easily breaks and in need of constant repairs and replacement? Are you worried that the current garage cable would give out and cause accidents? If so, then A1 Garage Door Service can help you.

Garage door cables

Garage door cables hold is the on actually responsible in the opening and closing of your garage door. It comes in many varieties and when getting one, the decision in what to get should be based on the weight of the door and the length of the garage door cable needed. The gauge and the thickness of your cable is based on the weight of the doors you have, while the type of spring your garage door has determines the length of the cable.

Garage doors with the torsion spring system uses short cable that measures a foot longer that the height of your garage door. On the other hand, garage doors with the extension spring system, makes use of a cable that is four times the length of the cable used with the torsion spring unit. This is because the latter garage door system works on a pulley system where the cable has to run from the bottom of the door then up to the back of the garage door and back again to the front of the door where it is securely tied.

Also, garage door spring should run through the center of the spring to act as a safety device that holds the spring and keeps it from causing injuries in case it flies through the garage. Garage door springs as we all know is tightly wound and contains a lot of tension that when suddenly released could cause harm of not death.

Looking for the best garage door cables

There is a need for every household to have aa durable and a good working cable. One, because it enables your garage door to function accordingly. Without garage door cables, you cannot send any command from the garage door opener on whether your garage door should open or close. Another reason is that, choosing a low-quality one may cause fatality when springs suddenly break.

If you are looking for one, then A1 Garage Door Service is the right place to call. They are one family-owned business that is the largest distributor of garage door parts in the country. They have all types of garage door cables for any type of garage door. All you need is to call them and let them know the type of garage door you have.

If you’re still in doubt and do not know the right specification, they can help you with that to. They can come to your homes any time of the day to check what type of garage door cable do you need. You need not worry about your safety as they passed a series of criminal background check before being hire to ensure your protection.

Call them any time of the day for all you garage door concerns. They have not only garage door cables but all other garage door parts as well. They are also experts on garage door services. No matter the concern regarding your garage doors, there is only A1 Garage Door Service to call.

Just contact them at 844-214-2724 and get the most durable garage door cables for your garage doors.

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