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Garage door opener is an automated device that allows your garage door to open and close automatically. This could be controlled through a wall button at the entry lookway of your garage door or through various wireless devices such as remote controls, wireless keypads and nowadays, even tablets and smartphones.

Your garage door opener serves as the heart of your garage door. Without it, your garage door will cease to function automatically and will go back to its manual operation.

Broken garage door opener

Your opener has many different components. If your garage door refuses to function accordingly, it doesn’t always mean that the whole garage door opener is broken. Sometimes, you just have to trace where the problem originates and start troubleshooting from there.

For instance, when a garage door refuses to open or close, it doesn’t instantly mean that your opener is broken. It may just be that the switches that open it, like the wall button or the remote may not be functioning. It could also mean that your spring may be broken or there is simply in the way of your sensors that mess with its beam.

If your attempt to open your garage door but it doesn’t work but just produces grinding noise, the problem is not the whole opener per se, but may just be on the toast drive gear. A drive gear is the plastic gear that comes in contact with the worm drive gear on motor and the most common component to fail on openers

Replacing the drive gear can solve this problem but a bit complicated to do it your own compared to other repairs. This is due to a number of components you need to remove before you can actually change the gear. More problem just will arise if you are not able to put it back together again. Better call your garage door techs to help you with this.

The bottom line is when your garage door opener is not working properly, then there may be something wrong with one or more of its components. If the whole thing is not working, then maybe you just have to check if it’s plugged properly or if the fuse or breaker is broken. Most of the time, the reason why the whole opener is not working is because of the absence of electricity. You don’t need to jump into buying a replacement immediately.

If you are not knowledgeable in inspecting the probable cause of your garage door opener problem then trust A1 Garage Door Service to figure it out for you.

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