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Do you want to buy a garage door spring but still getting confused in the garage door spring you need to buy? Then worry no more because A1 Garage Door Service has some tips for you.

When you are not familiar with the components of your garage door, there is a big chance that you will fall into the trap of buying parts that is not fitted with the current garage door you have. It is a good thing if your garage door does not require any sophisticated parts and would do away with universal garage door parts. However, this is not always the case.

Buying a garage door spring

Garage door springs are a garage door component where “one size fits all” is not applicable. Every garage door requires a certain spring specification depending on the height and the weight of the door per se. You cannot just settle on a spring your neighbor suggests you to buy. This is because what he has in his may not be the same spring you need to yours.

The most common spring size however is 728 (700=wire gauge, 28=length of spring but it can range from 300 to 900; the former being the most heavy duty while the latter series are more lightweight.

When buying a garage door springs it is important to know five things about your springs: (1) the length, (2) wire size, (3) inside diameter, (4) spring wind and (5) types of ends. If your garage door is the two-spring type, it is required to measure and record the specification of each one.
By doing so, you can be assured that you’d get the right spring for your garage door.

Getting the measurement of your garage door springs

Contrary to what most believe, you don’t need to actually unwound the spring in order to measure the length of the spring. To get the measurement, all you need to do is to measure from the first coil on one end to the last coil on the other end of the garage door spring including the coils that are in the cone.

This requires careful handling since garage door springs are tightly wound due to the high amount of tension it contains that when released suddenly may cause serious injuries and possible death. It is encouraged that when the springs are still wound tightly, the setscrews on the winding cone should not be touched.

For already broken torsion springs, you can loosen the setscrews on the winding cone, slide the two parts of the spring together, do not leave a gap between the two separate part of coils and then measure.

For more accurate measurement, you can ask the help of professionals to assist you.

A1 Garage Door Service is your expert in garage door springs

If you damage your garage door spring, yoy can call A1 Garage Door Service to assist you. They are open 24/7 to fix all your garage door concerns. There is no problem too big or too small for them. When you call, they’ll immediately make themselves available to help you.

A1 Garage Door Service does have all types of springs you may need. Whatever the size, length and dimension you need, surely they will have it available for you. They can even determine the type of garage door springs you need, all you need is book an appointment.

For safely replacing your garage door springs, call A1 Garage Door Service. You can be assured that the expert service they provide will ensure your protection and your family’s as well. No need anymore to compromise your safety.
Call A1 Garage Door Service now at 844-214-2724 to book your appointments.

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