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For a lot of people, the security of their garage doors are always of premium importance. This is because most homeowners have their garage attached to their houses and as such, serve as another entry to their homes.

At the same time, homeowners store not just their vehicles but other important properties and equipment in their garage. Hence, the need to be able to lock garage doors.

Fortunately, most garage doors come with a factory locking mechanism. Or if you are really worried, you can have a garage door opener installed.

Garage door opener

A garage door opener is the heart of any garage door mechanism. It does not only serve as the controlling mechanism for the smooth operation of your garage door but more importantly, it serves as your garage door lock.

A garage door opener can be manually operated or may require a remote control. The three types of garage door openers are classified and apply named according to the pulleys in its motor which enable the opening and closing of your garage door. These are: the chain drive, belt drive and screw drive.

The names refer to the different types of pulleys contained in the motor of the garage door opener that moves a trolley back and forth on a track, enabling the opening and closing of your garage door. A power unit is attached to the track.

There are other components of a garage door opener. There is a quick release mechanism that is used during emergencies or power failures and signal sensors connected to access devices and receivers. At the same time, it includes a complicated assembly connected to a power unit.

To strengthen your garage door lock or security system, there are also remotes and keyless entry systems available for your protection. A remote to control your garage door opener and automatically open or close your garage door is quite handy as it relieves the homeowner of having to leave the car and open or close the heavy garage door. A garage door remote looks and operates like your regular television remote except that it sends an infrared signal to the garage door opener to trigger a switch that will open or close your garage door.

There are different types of garage door remotes. The difference lies in the number of buttons and in the ability to use just one remote to control several doors in the household. Aside from these, there are also garage door monitors, control panels and keyless entry systems which can be used to further strengthen your garage door’s security system.

Installing your garage door locks

For your safety, we recommend having your garage door opener and keyless entry systems installed by an expert technician. This is because data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that garage door accidents are oftentimes traceable to faulty garage door openers.

To install your garage door opener and entry systems, we recommend calling A1 Garage Door Service — currently the number 1 in the industry in garage door repair and maintenance. A1 Garage Door Service carries garage door openers that have two reverse safety features, in accordance with the voluntary industry standard imposed in 1982 and the U.S. federal law (UL 325). These safety features include the photoelectric eyes and an electric safety edge which reverses your garage door upon contact. They also have a large collection of remotes and keyless entry systems for your security protection.

What’s more, A1 Garage Door Service’s team of technicians are highly trained to check and find safety hazards with the reverse features of your garage doors. They are also well-equipped to handle maintenance procedures and repairs. Just call A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214-2724.

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