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Clopay Garage Door

At A1 Garage Door Service, we carry many high-quality garage door brands. If you are interested in a functional yet fashionable brand, then Clopay® is the perfect fit. Find out the most appropriate Clopay® garage door for your home. Call us at 844-214-2724.

Clopay is a United States brand of residential garage doors

A1 Garage Door Service is an authorized dealer of Clopay garage doors and their components

Whatever type of Clopay® garage door you are interested in, we can supply it. A1 Garage Door Service is an authorized dealer of Clopay®. We are experienced in installing any type of Clopay® door, including maintaining, replacing, or repairing any of its components.

We also provide all warranty provisions of Clopay® on any of its products and services.  If you have any issue with your Clopay® garage door, our team of experienced professionals will address it, no questions asked. No issue is too small for us. 

Invest in a high quality and durable garage door with Clopay®

Clopay® is a US brand of residential garage doors, the only one backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is the most recognized consumer product insignia in the country. The Seal signifies that if any of the garage doors bearing the Clopay® brand is found defective within two years from the date of purchase, Good Housekeeping will either replace the product or refund the purchase price. This is an endorsement of the quality and durability of the Clopay® brand.

Each of their various types of garage doors has patented Safe-T-Brackets, as well as sturdy tracks, rollers, and hinges. Their garage doors are made to last a lifetime with their strong hardware and durable springs.

Clopay®’s array of beautiful garage doors, all of which are carried by A1 Garage Door Service, are classified as:

  • CANYON RIDGE® COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION SERIES – insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood overlays
  • CANYON RIDGE® COLLECTION ULTRA-GRAIN® SERIES – insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood and ultra-grain® steel
  • COACHMAN® COLLECTION – authentic-looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors
  • GRAND HARBOR® COLLECTION – steel and composite carriage house garage doors with or without insulation
  • GALLERY® COLLECTION – grooved panel steel carriage house garage doors with or without insulation
  • CLASSIC™ COLLECTION – classic short, long and flush panel steel garage doors with or without insulation
  • MODERN STEEL™ COLLECTION – subtly beautiful garage doors, modern and with simple up-keep
  • AVANTE™ COLLECTION – contemporary aluminum and glass garage doors

Benefit from our A1 Garage Door Service’s expertise

Remember that whatever type of garage door you choose, you can benefit from our team of experienced professionals who will provide you with advice every step of the way and who will help ensure that whatever you choose meets the technical requirements of your garage.

Put your trust in A1 Garage Door Service to install your dream Clopay® garage door. Call us now at 844-214-2724 for more information.

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Clopay’s Avante Collection

Revolutionalize the look of your home with modern contemporary glass and aluminum garage doors offered by Clopay’s Avante Collection. This collection will enable you to customize your very own garage door. With a glass and aluminum garage door, you can access the beauty of the natural light during the day and fund a warm glow at night. Your garage door will always be a thing of beauty with the different ways that it can showcase the light. Choose among different window options to find the right degree of natural for your home and for your privacy. You can even have a splash of color by choosing aluminum panels to match the frame that you want.

The really great thing about this collection is the ability to customize. Let your imagination fly and find the right touch. Your garage door will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood for its uniqueness.

What’s more, your Avante Collection also comes with a five-year warranty on the finish and a three-year warranty on the hardware.

Clopay’s Classic Collection

Do you want a garage door in a traditional raised panel style with a variety of construction and design options? If so, choose Clopay’s Classic Collection and have a time-tested, classic garage door look.

Clopay’s Classic Collection comes in classic short or long panel steel garage doors with optional insulation. Its look will definitely complement your home’s architectural style so you get the aesthetics with strength, durability and comfort.

Clopay’s Classic Wood Collection

If you want to choose from our range of wood garage doors, simply look for our Classic Wood Collection. We have classic raised, recessed and flush panel designs handcrafted in the beauty of natural wood.

The good thing about this collection is that you can choose from our hemlock, redwood or cedar garage doors. You can also determine if you want the traditional raised, recessed and flush panels. Ultimately, we can assure you that our wood garage doors can transform the look of your home and increase its curb appeal.

Clopay’s Coachman Collection

For an authentic looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors, the Coachman Collection is your best choice. It is perfectly beautiful and practical, looks a lot like wood and crafted from multiple layers of durable, low-maintenance steel and insulation wuth a woodgrain textured composite overlay.

The best thing about this Clopay collection is that it is quite charming, with an old-fashioned swing-out style carriage house door that has the built-in convenience of a modern overhead garage door.

Clopay’s Gallery Collection

If you want a garage door with an iconic design and a vintage feel, there’s no other choice but Clopay’s Gallery Collection. It has a grooved panel steel carriage house design that may come with or without insulation.

The good thing about this collection is its look and its steel durability, with optional decorative windows and wrought iron hardware. It also comes with many unique color choices including Ultra Grain which is Clopay’s exclusive faux woodgrain paint finish. The resulting overall look of this Gallery Collection is elegance, sleekness, uniqueness and versatility.

Clopay’s Grand Harbor Collection

Budget for your garage door should never be an issue. Clopay offers the Grand Harbor Collection, a series of steel and composite carriage-house garage door with optional insulation. It is low-maintenance, with clean lines and classic lines that looks beautiful, at great value.

You can have this Clopay collection as a new construction or as a low-maintenance replacement. Its aesthetics will definitely complement and add to the beautiful architectural style of your home.

Clopay’s Limited Edition Series

Do you want a unique and beautiful design for your garage door? If yes, Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Collection is for you. This Limited Edition series offers you energy-efficient, Intellicore insulated garage doors with a steel base and faux wood cladding and overlays. It has the wonderful carriage-house design that you have always wanted, strong and durable and with low maintenance requirements.

Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection

For a beautiful yet modern looking garage door that requires simple upkeep, Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection is the best choice. This particular collection comes in a wide variety of options to suit the aesthetics and style of your home. Whatever kind of home style you have, whether mid-century modern, contemporary or somewhere in between, the beautiful and durable steel-panel garage doors in this collection will improve the curb appeal of your home. You will even have a choice of styles, whether you want your garage doors with or without groves, in multiple paint or Ultra Grain finishes.

Clopay’s Reserve Wood Collection Custom

Do you want your own unique, customized garage door? With Clopay’s Custom Series, we offer you the chance to have the garage door that you have always dreamed of. Simply tell us your dream garage door and we can create it for you. We can send our team of experts to create a professional drawing or sketch and you can choose from our different window option, wood types such as Knotty Alder, Spanish Cedar, White Oak, Ironwood and African Mahogany. Be assured that you will get that dream door you like as we handcraft all doors based on your precise specifications.

Clopay’s Reserve Wood Collection Semi Custom

Do you want a garage door in authentic carriage house designs handcrafted in natural wood? If so, then Clopay’s Reserve Wood Semi Custom Series is the one for you. This collection features designs with that wood historical charm and character that has the convenience of an automatic garage door operation. Choose from six carriage house designs in three wood species that will definitely be an interesting point of conversation. It has multiple top section/window panel designs that you can mix and match, paint or stain to complement the design and aesthetics of your wonderful home.

The wonderful thing is, you can have Clopay’s Reserve Wood Collection Semi Custom Series in beautiful finishes such as natural pak, cedar, and mahogany. So go ahead and have your dream garage door installed now.

Clopay’s Reserve Wood Collection

If you are looking for authentic carriage house designs with historical charm and character, then the Reserve Wood Collection Limited Edition Series is for you. This series features handcrafted insulated wood carriage house designs with exceptional beauty, energy efficiency and strength.

No other collection can beat the beauty of these natural wood garage doors. When you choose this collection, you are guaranteed of outstanding beauty and durability.

This collection has eight carriage house designs, in multiple wood species and top section/window panel designs that can be mixed and matched, painted or stained, to complement any architectural style and color scheme.

The Reserve Wood Collection Limited Edition is the Clopay’s premium line with garage doors that are built wth attention and detail. At the same time, it has 4 or 5 layer construction, to ensure curb appeal, durability and energy efficiency.

Clopay’s Ultra Grain Series

If you require an insulated carriage house style garage door with faux wood and utra-grain steel, then Clopay’s Ultra-Grain Series is definitely the perfect fit for you. This particular model is more economical than the Limited Edition Series but with the same 2” Intellicore polyurethane steel base with a durable, natural looking, woodgrain paint finish called the Ultra-Grain. It features beautiful Stained Clear Cypress composite overlays on the steel door surface for an aesthetically wonderful garage door.

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