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So it happens. Every now and then, there are defects and damages that happen in any part of your house for that matter. So much so for a part of your house that you use very often, like your garage door. Your garage door is one of the most used portions of your house because of the number of times you take your vehicle in or out of your garage. That is why it is no surprise that it is subject to the usual wear and tear and subject to damages and malfunction every now and then. Don’t think that it makes you an irresponsible homeowner though. Yes, even though you do your part in the proper maintenance of your garage door, damages are bound to happen over time.

But when there are damages in your garage door, you have to be vigilant. Check if you can do the repair by yourself or have a professional garage door service provider take a look at it to fix the problem. Either way, you have to act on it immediately because a defective garage door will compromise your convenience and most importantly, safety and protection. Take note that having defective garage doors will make your homes vulnerable to intruders and thieves. You would want to prioritize the safety of your properties, valuables, and ultimately, your lives, right? So it is best to have it repaired at the soonest possible time.

Some homeowners might be hesitant because they are worried about the expenses involved in having their garage doors repaired. Well, we have done the research for you so that you have an idea on the cost of garage door repair and you can allocate part of your budget for this home project. We will also look at ways on how you can possibly save up on some cash when doing repairs for your garage doors.

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The average cost to repair a garage door would depend on the specific parts that are affected or damaged. There are minor repairs and major ones. It would also depend on the size of your garage door, its materials, type, and the style of garage door that you have installed. For example, it is cheaper to repair a single roll-up garage door than a roll-up garage door made of customized solid wood. Then, it would also matter if you are going to do the job yourself or you are going to hire a professional garage door service provider to do the job for you.


Perhaps you can do the minor garage door repairs by yourself.  Some homeowners consider repairing their garage doors an easy do-it-yourself project. That means they can save up on service fees and would just have to consider the actual price of the specific part to be replaced and if they have the tools needed for this at home. If you do not have them yet, you can buy these tools from your local home improvement stores. You can also ask the employees there or search online for proper ways to install the parts of the garage door that need replacement. But of course, this is only recommended if you have the skills required for this home project.

An example of a common garage door problem that requires a simple solution and can be your next DIY project is the replacement of weather sealant. If the weather sealant in your garage door is not sealed properly, there are inexpensive products that you can buy for your garage door bottom seal, threshold seal, and weatherstripping in home improvement stores. Prices for weather sealants range from $2 for a simple 17 feet gray vinyl foam to as much as $474.50 for a 25-pack 1.625 inches by 7 feet white aluminum, foam, thermoplastic rubber for your vinyl door weatherstripping. When doing the repair, make sure the weather seal is intact, properly aligned, and secured. This will help you save on energy costs and keep unwanted elements from getting inside your garage.

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For major damages to the garage door especially those that need repairs that involve more technical aspects of the garage door and its parts, it is highly recommended to have expert technicians to handle the repairs to ensure that the job is done properly. While we understand the need to save up on money, we also advise that you put your money into a worthwhile investment. Besides, there are some parts of the garage doors that should only be handled by experts. By hiring professional garage door service providers, you can be sure that you get quality service which means value for your money.

Some common garage door problems that require the expertise of garage door technicians include garage door safety reversal feature fails, when the garage door partially closes then opens back up again, when your garage door fails to close all the way down, worn or broken torsion spring, frayed or broken garage door cable, when your garage door has problems moving up and down, garage door will not open when using your remote control despite having placed new batteries, when your garage door will not move or seems to have a mind of its own, when you have problems with your garage door security codes and features, or problems with your garage door sensory pad. These situations warrant expert advice as only a trusted technician can diagnose the true source of the problem and have it fixed and back in working condition in no time.  Some of these repairs can also pose safety concerns and danger to those who do not have enough knowledge about garage door repairs as they involve complex electrical wirings and connections. They may even cause serious injuries and damage to your property.

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According to HomeAdvisor, a website resource that offers information about home improvements, the average cost to repair a garage door in the United States is $223. The cost typically ranges between $147 and $327, with low-end projects estimated at an average of $75 and high-end projects averaging $561. Improvenet, a home improvement specialist site, cites $213 as the average cost to repair a garage door. They say that the minimum cost could be $52 and it could go as high as $545.

If you are going to hire a professional garage door service provider, the average service fee is $80 per hour. This service would include a thorough inspection of your garage door. The garage door service provider can do some adjustments on your door’s chain or belt tension, spring tension, door lubrication, and limits and force adjustments to put your garage door back in order. However, this amount does not include the cost of parts that need replacement and transportation cost that your garage door service provider may charge.

Here are some rates for common garage door repairs to give you an idea of the costs and expenses so that you can prepare your budget accordingly.

  • If the garage door will not open or close, there might be damages in the wheel tracks. Repairs can cost between $133 and $154.
  • Problems with the spring mechanism of your garage doors can be repaired by replacing the springs or cables. The costs range between $100 and $300 depending on the type of springs, size, weight, and material of your garage door.
  • When there are broken chains or cables that cause your garage door to bounce or fall quickly, the repair cost can be between $150 and $200. Some may say that chains or cables are relatively inexpensive parts but it is the labor and expertise that you are really paying for.
  • When you have a broken glass on your garage door, replacement and service fee would cost you around $75.
  • When there are large dents on your garage door that need to be fixed, expect to shell out approximately $75 for the job.
  • If a panel of your garage door needs to be replaced, it would cost you around $150 to $400.
  • If your circuit board needs replacement, garage door service providers typically charge $100 for the circuit board and reprogramming services needed for your controls.
  • Hinges and rollers can be replaced for an average of $10 each.
  • If it is the garage door itself that needs to be replaced, the average cost could be around $800 to $1,200 which includes the installation service. It could go cheaper or higher depending on the size and materials that you would choose for your new garage door. For example, a wooden single car garage door would be cheaper than a steel double car garage door. But the good thing about having a brand new garage door installed by a professional is that you are sure of its quality and durability thereby ensuring your safety and security.


When it comes to excellent customer service, quality of work, and value for your money, you can call your trusted representatives from A1 Garage Doors to conduct inspection and repairs for your defective garage doors. They have a team of experts and technicians who know precisely what to do with the problem that you are currently having. Representatives from A1 Garage Doors have undergone rigorous training so you are assured that they are qualified to fix the defects and damages of your garage doors. They are experienced in repairing all kinds of garage doors. What’s more is that you can be sure of the reliability of the company since they are fully licensed and insured. A1 Garage Doors has also consistently gotten excellent reviews from accreditation and evaluation companies and their clients whom they also treat as family. You can call their hotline any day and time of the week and there would be someone to assist you with your emergency concern because A1 Garage Doors has a dedicated 24-hour emergency garage door repair service hotline. Just call 844-214-2427 and our expert technicians will be at your door. Some homeowners have this notion that hiring professional garage door service providers would cost them a lot of money. But with A1 Garage Doors, affordability is included in their package of quality service. They can give you a free estimate of the costs once they have checked the condition of your garage doors. A family-owned company that treats their clients as an extension of their family, they are committed to offering quality service at an affordable price so that homeowners can have secured and safe garage doors. For garage door repairs that need replacement of parts or even the garage door itself, clients do not have to worry as A1 Garage Doors has all the products and variety that you need to put your garage doors back in good condition. They also offer discounts and promos for certain parts and services so you can save some bucks.

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We cannot stress this enough. Do the repairs for your garage door yourself only if you are confident that you can get the job done properly. Prepare the tools that you will be needing and of course, immediately set aside time to have it fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is best to leave the job to the experts to avoid causing further damage and incurring additional costs. Check the warranty coverage of your garage door. If you are still covered by the warranty period, then you might not need to shell out money for service fees and only have to pay for the replacement of the parts. Garage door repair is a worthwhile investment as it will help keep you safe from injury and harm and will also secure your homes from thieves and intruders. And that is the most important thing – to keep you and your family safe and secured. At the end of the day, a homeowner’s peace of mind is priceless.

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