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Garage Door Parts

Garage Door Rollers

A1 Garage Door Service carries various types of rollers for your garage doors. If you book us to install your door, we usually include your garage door rollers into the package. Let’s discuss your garage door rollers now at 844-214-2724.

Note that rollers are important to your garage door system. The rollers, which are the small wheels with ball bearings that are attached to a shaft on your door, enable it to slide smoothly and quietly. The rollers also help in making your garage door energy efficient and long-lasting.

There are different types of rollers:

  • Plastic rollers — These rollers do not have ball bearings. These are the most affordable type of rollers but they easily get damaged. With regular use, the plastic wheels tend to break apart over time. Also, the steel track system in which it moves will result to the eventual wear and tear of the wheels and may even cause it to pop out of the track and bring other problems related to the functionality of your door.
Garage Door Rollers
Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables

Your installed garage door will definitely include cables. This is because whether your garage door system has a torsion spring or an extension spring, the brunt work of lifting your garage door rests on the cables, with the tension provided by the springs. This means that the cables are quite prone to wear and tear.

We suggest that when installing your garage door, you should always book A1 Garage Door Ser-vice. This is because aside from advising you on the most appropriate garage door for your needs, we also give you tips on the proper maintenance of your door and all of its components, including the cables. This is because we care for your safety and don’t want you to suffer from any undue harm due to frames cables etc. What’s more, we GUARANTEE that the cables that come with your installed door are durable and high performing.

So, call us now 844-214-2724 and let’s discuss your new garage door and the cables that go with it.

Garage Door Cable Drums

When A1 Garage Door Service installs your new garage door, it will have a component called gar-age door drum. It works alongside your door springs for the smooth operation of your garage door mechanism. It also keeps your garage door balanced as it opens and closes.

There are three types of garage door drums:

Standard lift – Generally used for most residential garage doors
Vertical lift – Most commonly used in industrial or warehouse settings
High-lift – An increased vertical rise for the door; horizontal track closer to ceiling

Each type of cable drum is designed to accommodate/balance the door based on the maximum door height, overall weight of the door and the cable thickness and length.

Over time and if not properly maintained, your garage door may become noisy or shaky. This is likely due to a problematic garage door drum that may have a buildup of dirt and rust.

In order to know how you can properly maintain your garage door drum or if you need it replaced or repaired, just contact A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214-2724.

Garage Door Cable Drums
Garage Door Lubricant

Garage Door Lubricant

A garage door is usually the most regularly used part of a home. As such, in order to maintain its efficiency and performance, a lubricant is very much needed.

A1 Garage Door Service carries different types of lubricants, spray-based or liquid-based, that you can use for your garage door. With the right lubricants, you can easily eliminate your garage door’s creaks and groans.

The most important parts of your garage door that require lubrication are the following:

  • Springs — A spray-based lubricant may be used on your garage door springs regularly for max-imum performance.
  • Hinges — You may put liquid-based or spray-based lubricants on your steel garage door hinges to improve its movement.
  • Rollers — Lubricant may be applied on all metal rollers and if you have nylon rollers, simply lu-bricate the bearings.
  • Locks — Your garage door lock may also benefit from the regular use of lubricants.

A1 Garage Door Service & Repair

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BBB Accredited

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