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Wayne County – Sparkling gem of Michigan

Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan and the 13th most populous in the whole United State of America. It is located in the midst of the Great Lakes in the region and is where Detroit is located – the Automotive Capital of the World.

Just by getting a glimpse of the place would give you an idea of the top-rated environment it offers. From the prosperous businesses in the place, to important amenities a town needs such as first-class health care facilities, universities, and recreational areas, Wayne County is an epitome of a county that sets the standards in any field. Even the residential areas here are admirable with beautiful lawns, and skillfully crafted garage doors. These speak of quality life enjoyed by millions of its residents.

But behold! This county does not just boast of a thriving communities, but diverse culture as well. You could just step into this county and get lost on the different views and activities it offer.

An assortment of towns and cities

Two heads are better than one, just as it is more exciting to explore a place that offers an assortment of places to visit than otherwise. Here in Wayne County, you’ll never have a problem when it comes to variety because variety is what you’ll get.

Wayne County is composed of many towns and cities that are unique due to the unique attractions it offer. You could satisfy your heart’s desire simply by town hopping. Shopping hubs, hiking trails, historical landmarks, museums – you could enjoy it all by town hopping in this county. It is extremely accessible with the short drive between each other. Plus, you’d still get the added fun of going on a road trip, whether alone or with friends.

One of the many different things you should be on the lookout for in making visits is the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores as it would give you a background on the patriarch of Detroit’s automotive heritage. This is an eye-opener especially of you are one to enjoy anything related to automotive. There are classes to enjoy on this visit, aside from the tours and exhibits you’ll see when you get to the place.

Parks are also one interesting thing to look forward to. If you are a nature lover who loves long walk and sightseeing, you’d enjoy the Belle Isle Park in Detroit. Not only does it give you access to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum but it is also a great location for picnics and other recreational activities such as playing golf and waterslide. You’ll enjoy seeing the sunset as you enjoy other amenities one of the largest island park in the United States has to offer.

Many different museums that offer great learning are also widespread in the whole Wayne County, each unique in holding unique history and artifacts. You could have a long list to choose from if you prefer this type of places. And of course, who’d forget about amusement parks entertainment centers like the Fox Theatre and the Opera House in Detroit? These are also great choices when you want to immerse yourself in arts and culture of the county.

No matter what is it you are looking for, there is no doubt Wayne County could offer a variety of you.

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