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Visit Macomb County and Enjoy Exciting Games with a Twist

By now, there is no doubt that you have already travelled far and wide and has already been exposed to a lot of tourist attractions. Amusement parks, historical landmarks, national heritages, museums, and even food, one way or another you already have some stories to tell regarding these popular tourists hubs.

Perhaps you’ve already visited so many places that feature interesting festivals which showcase the diverse culture of a specific place. You have already seen beautiful vista, sprawling architecture, and even unique rock formation. But have you ever gone to a places where one of their main attractions is an escape room?

If you haven’t yet, better pack your bags now and head to the Macomb County.

Mind-boggling rooms

Macomb County is the third most populous county in Michigan. It is located on the eastern part of the state and never lacks of places to visit. Even residential places here are an attraction because of the added beauty it brings, together with its garage doors, to the surroundings.

But another eye-catching thing Macomb County offers to tourists and locals alike are their mind-boggling escape rooms. Although it could take a lot of patience at times, (especially if you get stuck thinking about the solution to riddles, puzzles, or whatever obstacles hindering you from moving forward) this would enhance further your creativity and sharpen your thinking. This is also a good bonding experience with your friends and families. You could think together as one entity to successfully escape the rooms or you could race each other to the end of the game.

When it comes to highly recommended escape rooms, one that is making the headlines on this industry is the Escape Room. This is located in Washington Township, MI and it offers many differently themes themed rooms that would never bore you. One strongly recommended room is the saloon room which features beautiful western culture. Wear your cowboy hat as you unlock the mysteries of this room.

In Warren, MI, they also offer Breakout – The Room Escape Game. In here, the Zombie Roadhouse room is one of the rooms you shouldn’t miss. It offers a zombie apocalyptic-theme room that is both exciting and scary. Unlock the secrets of this room while running for your lives in this beautiful escape game. Escape before the time is up or the zombies will eat your brain.

Xtreme Escape Rooms will raise the intensity of your challenges. With rooms that include bomb scenarios, your time solving the challenges could be intense and exhilarating. Some rooms could also be a tough job, but with the right attitude, escaping it could also very rewarding afterwards. This is located in Shelby Charter Towns, MI.

Fraser, MI also shelters an escape room – Think it Out Escape Room. Here, teamwork is a key to survive the rooms they have. This is a good team-building activity for companies. D’Escape Mission is a highly recommended attraction in this place.

Trying out this escape rooms in the Macomb County is guaranteed to challenge your minds into solving riddles and puzzles. Though it may seem to require a little bit of hard work for some rooms, escaping successfully would entail a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Plus, it is highly addicting and would keep you coming back for more.

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