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Sedona’s Picturesque Vista, a Beautiful Backdraft for your Everyday :ife


Tired of living in a busy city with buildings all around just enclosing you and constricting your breathing space?


Maybe it is time to live in Sedona – a place where tourists pay a lot of money to visit.


By living in Sedona, you get to “own” the visual drama of tall, multi-hued rock formations and the stunning landscapes of the Verde Valley. Here, you will feel like it’s an everyday vacation and you will feel that spiritual pull because of the beauty of nature.


What’s more, Sedona is pretty laidback. It is a great place to leave home for work and get back to at the end of a long day. Definitely, the quality of life is great.


Plus, you get to own a part of Sedona that tourists will never be able to see. There are a lot of trails around Sedona that are off the usual tourist beaten paths. You can walk, hike, bike and just be around nature. Lose yourself in a canyon, a mountain, some beautiful ruins and dramatic views. Be around friendly people, artists, hang out in cool pubs. In Sedona, you are never away from the dessert and the lushness of the Oak Creek Canyon with its pine trees and wonderful creek.


Beautiful communities


In Sedona, you will be struck at how wonderful the residential communities are. They are usually warm, pet-friendly and welcoming to new residents.


Sedona has some of the finest luxury homes close to resorts and gold courses. It also has the gated communities such as Back-O-Beyond Ranch, Casa Contenta, Creek Mesa, Cross Creek Ranch, Foothills North, North Slopes and the Estates at North Slopes. There are also other gated communities such as The Aerie, Highland Estates, Foothills South, La Barranca and Cathedral Rock Ranch. For the more athletic residents searching for Sedona luxury homes, there’s The Ridge and Canyon Mesa, which feature a swimming pool, tennis courts and a clubhouse. Definitely, whatever type of community you’d like to live in, Sedona has it for you.


What’s more, Sedona has great facilities for education with the West Sedona Grade School, Red Rock Eary Learning Center, Verde Valley School with lots of international students, Red Rock High School, Sedona Charter School and the University of Sedona.


It also has good healthcare facilities especially with the Verde Valley Medical Center which has an outpatient facility providing 24/7 emergency services, cancer services, and primary and specialty healthcare to the Sedona/Oak Creek area.


For new residents, it is important to note that everything is convenient in Sedona. There are malls and shopping centers in Sedona, healthy organic food, different types of services offered, including specialty shops, auto shops and even garage door services. In fact, A1 Garage Door Repair Sedona, the leading garage door specialist in the United States, has its own branch that services the people of Sedona.


Truly, living in Sedona is a well-deserved vacation come to life.









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