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Sedona – one of the most beautiful places in America

How long has it been since you felt your heart take a leap as you gazed on an absolutely magnificent natural wonder?

If it seems like you cannot remember anymore or if you just need to feel that kind of high, then it’s time to take a trip to Sedona.

Sedona, with its beautiful multi-hued rock formations that changes colors vividly every single hour is definitely the place to be. It has been at the top of USA Weekend’s Most Beautiful Places in America.

An artist’s palette

Sedona is such a picturesque city that it can rightly be called an artist’s palette. Its landscape offers a visual drama that touches the heart and soul of everyone – visitors and residents alike. This is probably the reason why Sedona has hosted big budget Hollywood productions such as Johnny Guitar, Desert Fury, 3:10 to Yuma, Angel and the Badman and Blood on the Moon. It’s thousand-foot high walls of stone, the lush Verde Valley and diverse landscape has offered a beautiful backdraft to these Hollywood hits. 

What’s more, Sedona has a thriving art scene. It has numerous galleries, studios and art shops. Plus, even as you walk along the streets and public spaces, you will be able to see various sculptures and murals. Even houses and business establishments can be seen to depict the art vibe of the area. In fact, garage doors in Sedona communities reflect the artistic feel of the community, with looks, designs and colors that range from traditional to contemporary and even cutting-edge.

This artsy vibe of Sedona gives it a truly magical feel that is steeped in history. In 1946, surrealist Max Ernst laid eyes on the beautiful landscapes of Sedona and created his famous works in this area. In 1958, Egyptian sculptor Nassan Gobran and others established Sedona’s first arts center. Also, Joe Beeler and partners formed here the Cowboy Artists of America over cold beers in 1965.

Sedona is also the home of important arts organizations. Chamber Music Sedona sponsors a chamber music program annually from October to May. They also sponsor the MET: Live in HD opera broadcasts in Sedona. The 2012–2013 season will mark the 30th anniversary for the organization. The Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop was established in 1995. The week-long annual festival takes place in late February and early March at Harkins Theatres while supplemental events take place at area resorts and restaurants. The festival also hosts monthly events. GumptionFest,[25] established in 2006, is one of the largest free music and arts festivals in Northern Arizona, according to the Sedona Red Rock News. NORAZ Poets, extant from 2003 to 2007, was a nonprofit poetry network based in Sedona.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Sedona’s fantastic red rock landscapes and artistic vibe. Travelling or driving to Sedona itself is a spectacular journey. But if you wish to just sit back and enjoy the view, let someone else do the driving and book a guided tour.

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