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Phoenix – the new tech hub

Do you consider yourself a techie person? Are you interested in working for a technology company or considering a venture into a tech start-up? If so, then Phoenix is the best way to go.

Phoenix is now fast becoming a technology hub in the United States. Those interested in tech start-ups or want to work for one are now transferring in the metropolis and settling in comfy homes with secure garage doors in Phoenix.

The city is now fast becoming a real tech community, proactively luring companies from California to transfer and create roots in Phoenix. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council is very active in recruiting companies and growing the financial services, insurance industry and lending industry. California companies are leading an exodus to Phoenix.

The San Francisco-based company called Double Dutch is one of the latest firms to announce its expansion in the Valley. According to its CEO Lawrence Coburn, they chose Phoenix because of its wealth of talent, its proximity to their headquarters and the metropolis’ growth as a tech and start up community. It has since unveiled its plans of hiring an initial 50 people.

Other tech companies that are now in Phoenix include Uber, Gainsight, Prosper Marketplace, Yelp, Weebly, BoomTown and Shutterfly. Silicon Valley Bank is also now in Phoenix since five years ago.

One of the most important things that made Phoenix attractive is its low taxes and cost of living, as compared to California.

The move to Phoenix of tech companies actually started in the 2000s. In 2005 to 2007, the Arizona Commerce Authority started its Arizona Innovation Challenge which featured co-working spaces and accelerators such as the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation at Gateway Community College. This attracted entrepreneurs and start ups as the Arizona Innovation Challenge awarded $3 million in cash annually to entrepreneurs with technology-based solutions. This was further supplemented by the Arizona Accelerator Fund and the AZ Fast Grant.

Denver-based Galvanize and Cleaveland-based Gabriel Partners were both attracted to Phoenix and set up their operations recently. Gainsight, based in Redwood City, California, moved its marketing team to Phoenix in 2015.

Tech companies found Phoenix to have a wealth of talent. It is the top state for workforce quality and availability, coming in at number 2 and number 1 when it comes to higher education degree opportunities.

According to Mike Manheimer, the marketing director of Gainsight who has stayed in Phoenix for 13 years, when he first started, there was just one or two big companies in the area. Now the volume is much higher. He is also seeing the possibility of his company continuing to grown in Phoenix as long as they continue to find talent. And this is where the metropolis specializes with the University of Arizona the perfect breeding ground for new talents and skilled workers. With the continued rise of high-tech jobs in the area, it is no wonder that the talent will also continue to migrate to Phoenix. Currently, an estimated 132,000 high tech jobs are available in the city.

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