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The Perks of Living in Albuquerque

Thinking of moving soon? Are you looking for a laid-back place in the South part that boosts of magnificent views and rich cultural heritage you  could be part of?

Then start looking for a property now in Albuquerque.

Quick Demography

Albuquerque is basically the largest city in New Mexico. With 5,312 elevation, it is the highest metropolitan city in the United States. Like other USA states, it also enjoys all 4 seasons. It suffers from monsoon rains to 3-4 snowstorms a year and a typical years equates to around 300 days a year. This makes the city one of the sunniest city in America as well.

Albuquerque is not only a popular tourist destination in the southeastern part, but a popular retirement destination as well. The city’s population is made up of slightly older individuals ranging from 45-64. This may be attributed to beautiful weather of the city, its picturesque views, and the low cost of living in the area. Locals living here even enjoy the slightly low prices to pay for groceries, utilities and transportation.

In terms of transportation, you can easily get around the area using your own car. If you still do not have one, most areas are pedestrian friendly. Also you could have a bike to travel through the city’s paved bike paths.

There is also the bus system that makes travelling fast and efficient. For farther destination, New Mexico Rail Runner also runs throughout many cities of New Mexico. Albuquerque International Sunport is also in full operation, giving you a fly to and fro any domestic destinations.

Vibrant Culture

Albuquerque retained much of its historical Spanish Heritage to this day. From the name alone, you could already detect the city’s Spanish origin. If you have not notice that, then just by a mere trip at the area would tell you as much.

Sprawling Spanish architectures dotted the area. It still retained among the oldest buildings such as the Old Town Plaza, San Felipe de Neri Church, and Kimo Theater. If you want to personally experience the culture through entertainment such as dancing and exhibits, it is possible by visiting the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the National Hispanic Cultural Center in the area.

The city also boasts of many different museums for the residents and tourists alike. There is the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History where you could take a glimpse of the past history of the city. New Mexico Museum of Natural History will give you the geological knowledge of the area. Aside from these two, there are also many others that showcase relevant artifacts and science-oriented things that would teach you more about the place. The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Museum in the city would also give you knowledge regarding the International Balloon Fiesta hosted by the city annually.

Even the residential architecture located in the high ground of Albuquerque speak of its regal and grand origin. Rich and intricate Spanish styles are still incorporated in many houses. Though more modern homes already incorporated much up-to-date designs, the touch of charm that originated from European countries is never lost in their architecture. In fact, even their porches, lawns and garage doors are beautifully crafted to upgrade the looks of their homes. It is even made more extraordinary by the beautiful views widespread in the area.

Overall, this city boasts magnificence and magic not present to any other places in the US. Truly, Albuquerque is one place to live.

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