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New Garage Doors in Atlanta, GA

A garage door is something that you shouldn’t overlook when getting a house for yourself. In fact, it is the first you should look for especially if you have your own cars and your new property is equipped with a garage. Does your property not have any garage door yet? Or are you looking to replace your old garage door? No matter the reason, you can count on A1 Garage Door Service Atlanta to give you what you need. Call Us today at 470-236-0800 to start choosing for the best garage doors.

Garage Door Installation in Atlanta

Getting a garage door is a serious investment. Not only would you exhaust money in the process, but you would also expect a return of investment from the amount you spent. This is why you should get the garage door that is guaranteed to give you utmost satisfaction. You should ensure that the one you are going to get would significantly upgrade the look of your home. What more is that you should choose only the help of expert professionals when installing your garage doors. This is to ensure that the garage door that would be installed is in perfect condition.

A1 Garage Door Service Atlanta is the master when it comes to the installation of new garage doors. We have the most advanced tools that make the job we do faster and more efficient. Together with our skilled garage door technicians who are backed by years of experience and who underwent training, we are simply undefeatable in the field of garage door services. Many have tried, but until now we still offer unparalleled service in the industry.

High-Quality Garage Doors Within Reach in Atlanta

A1 Garage Door Service Atlanta carries an assortment of garage doors from top brand manufacturers who are already known in the field. We have them all in different shapes, sizes, and even materials they are made up of. What more is that you can even equip them with different types of accessories to further improve their curb appeal. When you get your garage door from us, expect that it would be a source of envy in your neighborhood. Its beauty would also gain a second look from the passers-by. Also, these garage doors are not simply beautiful, they are known to be long-lasting as well.

You want custom made garage doors? No problems because we have here master craftsmen as well. Just say the word, give us a plan, and voila! You are good to go. Just in case you cannot decide on what fits best, trust us to assist you with that too. We give here professional advice that is guaranteed to help you in making a choice. So, do not hesitate to call us today to get more information.

Low-Cost Garage Door that Doesn’t Compromise

Sometimes, people overlook the need for a garage door because of how much it cost. Are you having the same problem? You shouldn’t because, with A1 Garage Door Service Atlanta, you won’t be facing such a dilemma. All of the products we offer here can be acquired at the most affordable price. This is because we are partners with many manufacturers that produce high-quality garage doors. This is the reason why we can sell them at a price that is within your reach.

Call us today and let us help you plan the garage door that you would like to have. Dial our numbers at 470-236-0800.

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Garage Door Brands

Garage Door Brands

A1 Garage Door Service carries different brands and makes of garage doors. We are confident that whatever brand or type of garage door you are interested in, we can supply it. Furthermore, we are experienced in installing any type of garage door; including maintaining, replacing or repairing any of its components.

Among the brands that we have in our inventory are:

  • CLOPAY® — This is a United States brand of residential garage doors, the only one backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal which is the most recognized consumer product insignia in the country. The Seal is an endorsement of the quality and durability of the Clopay® brand. Each of their various types of garage doors have patented Safe-T-Brackets, as well as sturdy tracks, rollers and hinges. Their garage doors are made to last a lifetime with their strong hardware and durable springs.
  • AMARR® — In the business since 1951, qhat differentiates Amarr® from all other garage door manufacturers is their dedication and commitment to safety. Practically all Amarr® steel doors are designed with the Amarr® SafeGuard safety system that enhances overall safety for the homeowner. This means that all of their products virtually guarantee the reduced risk of serious hand and finger injuries.
  • WAYNE DALTON — A garage door manufacturer for over 60 years, Wayne Dalton is committed to bringing great impact and value to your home through the installation of stylish, good quality and high performance garage door. Some of their collections have insulated garage door options, and choices in terms of color, window and decorative hardware.
  • C.H.I. — C.H.I. offers beautiful choices among their collection of residential garage doors known for exceptional quality, craftsmanship and value. They provide an array of choices in terms of styles, materials, insulation types, colors and even according to your budget.
  • RAYNOR — Raynor has been in the business of manufacturing high quality garage doors and openers since 1944. They pioneered the development of steel garage doors for residential use. Their collection of residential doors are made of superior quality, unlimited versatility and is a product of their commitment to innovation.
  • SEARS — Among the different garage door manufacturers, Sears offers the strongest warranties on each door and even lifetime warranties on the door sections of their steel carriage house and three-layer traditional steel doors. Sears always aim for 100% customer satisfaction on all their garage doors.
  • MARTIN — Martin is known for beautifully crafted garage doors in premium quality, performance and value.
  • ANKMAR — Ankmar has been in the business of crafting durable and quality garage doors since 1956. They have a variety of garage door offerings that can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

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Garage Door Materials

Whatever material you want for your garage door — wood, steel, aluminum, copper, vinyl etc. — trust that we have it for you. What’s more, our team of technicians are fully trained and experienced in installing whatever type of garage door you prefer.

Our arsenal of garage doors come in the following materials:

  • Wood — A wood garage door is usually considered to be the best because its beauty can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your home leading to increased property value. Plus, the graining, knots and shading of wood garage doors usually differ from one to the next making each wooden door truly unique. What’s more, the beauty of wood is long-lasting and with proper maintenance, it can even look better as it gets old.
  • Steel — A steel garage door is low-maintenance yet high-performing and long-lasting. It is also legendary in durability and quality.
  • Aluminum — Aluminum garage doors are now very popular among homeowners. This is because they share very similar qualities with steel doors and are quite affordable. A big plus is its resistance to oxidation.
  • Fiberglass — A fibreglass garage door is strong yet lightweight. Its primary appeal is its wood-like appearance and low-cost. Note that the fiberglass can be treated to have grains that look like wood.
  • Vinyl — Installing a vinyl garage door is advisable for homeowners living in coastal areas or those who generally have humid or wet climate. This is because vinyl is resistant to sea or salt spray and humidity. A major selling point of a vinyl garage door is the fact that it can mimic the look of wood without its associated maintenance costs and requirements.
  • Glass —The use of glass for garage doors is becoming a trend nowadays because of the value it adds to the look of your home. A glass garage door is a thing of beauty. It can look dramatic, and will add a chic or modern look to your home. At the same time, it is easy to clean, does not corrode or rust and easy to maintain with a glass cleaner or soap.

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Garage Door Materials
Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Styles

The garage doors that we at A1 Garage Door Service carry come in three main styles”

  • Carriage House — The carriage house garage door design is very traditional. Its name refers to the original out-buildings of large manors of old where carriages where stored or kept. Through the years, the carriages were replaced by cars but the carriage house term itself is still being used to refer to the classic garage door designs. Originally, carriage house garage doors only used wood for its material. However, now different types of materials — steel, aluminum, vinyl, fibreglass etc. can be configured to take on the carriage house design.
  • Contemporary — Contemporary garage doors usually make use of glass for clean lines, sleek and modern look. A1 Garage Door Service carries stunning contemporary glass door designs, that may be tinted or panelled, in order to showcase the beauty of your home. The sleek lines and modern appeal of glass and the way that the sunlight hits it will indeed provide a very contemporary feel. Oftentimes, to achieve that exciting look, we use glass with steel, faux wood, handcrafted wood, aluminum or vinyl. Note also that all of our contemporary designs are coupled with innovative features and the latest technological to enhance its durability, performance, protection from the elements, wind etc.
  • Traditional-raised — The traditional-raised panel garage door design is quite popular among homeowners because of its timeless and classic look, sturdy characteristic and reliability. It usually comes in steel but at present, this particular design is also available in different materials such as wood, fiberglass or composite materials. It can also be combined with glass or other materials for a more dramatic look.

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Garage Door Colors

A1 Garage Door Service has a collection of garage doors in different colors. Do you want to express subtlety, elegance or boldness? Do it with our differently-colored garage doors:

  • Blue — The biggest come on of having a blue garage door is that it can be very soothing, refreshing and calming. At the end of the day, it would be nice for a tired homeowner to come home to a relaxing blue garage door. There can be many shades of blue that can be used for a garage door — you can have a deep blue door, a stormy hue, turquoise, aqua, marine blue, midnight blue — the choices are endless.
  • Black — This is a popular choice for garage doors because it is very elegant and timeless. Depending on how your garage door is used or positioned in the overall architectural scheme, a black door can add flair and drama. What’s more, it can hide dirt and imperfections.
  • White — White is a good choice for a garage door because contrary to what others may say, it is never boring. A white garage door can change its look depending on where the light hits it.
  • Red — If you want to make a bold and daring statement, the best way to do that is to color your garage door red. Red, being the most intense color, raises the energy level. It denotes warmth and creates a strong impression. If you want people to immediately take notice of your home, having a bright or vibrant red garage door will do that for you.
  • Yellow — The yellow color is very uplifting and cheery. When used for a garage door, it can provide a bold statement for your home as well as serve as a point of discussion. Depending on how it complements the curb appeal of your home, it can actually increase its market value.
  • Purple — A1 Garage Door Service can show you our collection of purple doors — from the darkest hues to the lightest tones, all guaranteed to bring out the beauty of your home and kickstart a conversation.

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Garage Door Colors
Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors

Do you want a specially customized garage door just for you? We can help you out. A1 Garage Door Service offers customized garage doors that harmonize with and reflect the character and personality of your home. We will work closely with you to develop a design that will have an impact and will enhance the natural beauty of your home.

We determine the appropriate size, height and width, shape, kind of wood, surface treatment, windows, glass, finish, paint or stain, decorative hardware and all the other things that need to be considered. Then we provide you with our proposal. Whatever type of home you have — traditional, colonial, Victorian, Mediterranean, modern, contemporary, ranch, Spanish colonial or a pristine craftsman bungalow — we will make sure that your garage door will only serve to enhance its beauty while ensuring function and security.

Call A1 Garage Door Service now at 844-214-2724 for your customized garage door.

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