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Nevada sights that should be on your bucket list

Planning a trip to Nevada? Why not deviate from the usual tourist spots and go to the lesser known but magnificent sights?

If you are planning to explore Nevada, take note that it’s not just all about Las Vegas. This beautiful state with communities that feature white picket fences and contemporary garage doors offers more than what you already know.

See below for some sights that you should consider the next time you head off to Nevada:

Ascaya in Henderson

Ascaya is a series of landscapes and estate plots carved into the mountainside, with the purpose of building about 300 homes within one square mile. The place is nearly 1,000 ft above the Las Vegas Valley with rugged terrain and wonderful views.

Smith Center in Downtown Las Vegas

The Smith Center is a beautiful building, with a 17-story bell tower and Art Deco design that was inspired in part by the the elegance of the Hoover Dam. It’s built with limestone to keep things cool in the desert heat and is also the first performing arts center of its size and scope to be Gold LEED certified.

Bonsai Rock in East Lake Tahoe

Interested in viewing a beautiful landmark that is simply one of a kind? Head off to the south of Sand Harbor and visit the Bonsai Rock.

Valley of Fire State Park in the Mojave Desert

The Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. Here, you can see Native American petroglyphs from some 3,000 years ago. Its name is derived from the bright-red sand dunes that appear to be on fire when hit by the sun at just the right angle.

Rhyolite Ghost Town in Nye County

Originally, Rhyolite was a booming mining town that was full of life, and in a sign of economic prosperity. However, the town itself took a downturn in 1907 with a market crash. Here, you can view the remnants of the old town near the edge of Death Valley, including parts of the bank, jail, and train depot.

Groom Lake in Area 51

Groom Lake serves as a landing strip for the Nellis Air Force Gunnery and Bombing Range and the nearest place for civilians to catch a view of it is more than 25 miles away from Tikaboo Peak.

Waterfall Atrium Gardens at The Palazzo

Do not ever make the mistake of overlooking these Waterfall Atrium Gardens at The Palazzo. Come and be amazed at the hundreds of plants that are arranged in an exhibit that generally changes with the season under a massive skylight and just steps away from a two-story waterfall.

Casa de Shenandoah at the East Las Vegas Valley

This place is the perfect quick-escape from the hustle and glowing neon of the Las Vegas Valley. The sprawling estate includes Arabian horses, exotic birds, penguins, a monkey, and Newton’s old private jet, as well as — if you can believe it — acres of real grass. The museum also features some surprising artifacts like Franklin Roosevelt’s desk, and a coffee mug from a Vietnam prisoner of war.

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