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Mesa, Arizona – the new home for creatives

Are you a creative type? If yes, then Mesa, Arizona is definitely a place that you should check out. It is definitely a big possibility that if you visit the city, you will fall in love with it, build your roots and start living your dream of a wonderful house with a bold red garage door installed in Mesa.

This is because Mesa is the new home for creatives, with the city itself embracing what is called the “creative economy.” Mesa is positioning itself to attract innovators to come and be part of its artisan hubbub. Mesa believes strongly in getting artists to reside in the city as they not only provide an environment of art but more importantly, they attract creators and innovators.

Experts predict that the creative economy of Mesa will boom with the progress in technology. This is because this type of economy is strongly associated with the Internet where one-man companies or businesses that sell artistic or technological products and services prosper. In line with this, the city has come up with the i.d.e.a. museum which combines art, science and technology.

According to city leaders, Mesa’s emphasis on the art scene started when businesses decided that they wanted to capitalize on the city’s thriving artists and businesses. Last year, Mesa incorporated the international movement “Play Me, I’m Yours” in which there were twenty-four playable and artistically enhanced pianos on display around the city for weeks. It also hosted the Southwest Maker Fest and the Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity. It will continue with its programs for artists, including the development of a housing program that will serve as “live work spaces” for artists.

The movement in Mesa is spurred on by the economic development that is seen to be sweeping Arizona. Moody’s Analytics has called the State as one of the brighter spots in a slumbering U.S. economy due to its renewed migration. As the U.S. economy recovers from the Great Recession, Arizona is automatically one of the top landing spots for expanding businesses. This is due to its skilled workforce, available real estate and diversified economy.

With the expansion of businesses comes jobs. Chicago-based Northern Trust Bank will provide 1,000 jobs at its new Tempe headquarters by 2018. Home Depot, Inc. will also add 800 jobs to its Tempe Call Center. Dallas-based Santander Consumer USA Holdings, Inc. also plans to shore up 970 jobs at a new facility in Mesa.

This all point to the fact that businesses are seeing Arizona as an economic oasis in the desert with the influx of baby boomers to the State. This plus infrastructure, a talent pool of young college graduates, lots of office spaces, among others indeed make the area a great business destination. Arizona also has very active and involved groups such as the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce – another boost to the economic attractiveness of the area. Businesses note that these civic groups are very eager to help businesses in their expansion, helping them connect with real estate partners and providing data.

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