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Madison is an outdoor adventurer’s haven

Do you know that Madison, Wisconsin has been named by National Geographic as one of the best adventure towns in the United States?

Yep, this pretty Wisconsin capital is not just for family time, bustlingl communities with traditional garage doors and students. While the University of Wisconsin dominates the city, Madison has wide open spaces that is a dream come true for adventure junkies. Madison is in between the Lakes Mendota and Monona, has 260 parks, five lakes, 13 beaches and hundreds of miles of trails. It boasts of one acre of parkland for every thirty-nine residents as compared to the national average of one acre for 125 people.

So what can you do in Madison? Well of course there are the lakes in which you can explore with canoes or kayaks, a sailboat, windsurfing board or a paddleboat.

You can head off to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage for an experience of true blue north woods wilderness. Here you can choose to paddle or spend a weekend of canoe-jumping. You may also decide to go camping in any of its 66 well-maintained campsites so you can enjoy fishing or walleye anglers and catch the elusive muskellunge.

Another favorite choice of tourists and locals alike is the Badfish Creek for flatwater paddling. This is often full in spring when the water is a bit higher and the weeds down. People love Badfish for its clean stream with an inviting sandy and rocky bottom. It has twists and turns and riffles that make it a lot interesting.

Madison has the best cycling scenes – you can cycle around Lake Monona through the Olbrich Botanical Gardens or go to the five-star singletrack in the Kettle Moraine State Forest with 5 wonderful loops of different difficulties.

If you are into hiking, the best place to go is Governor Dodge State Park with its several diverse trails that are well graded and multi-use. The best part of undergoing this trail are the slopes and impressive views from trails within the park. The trees in the park are new growth, with farming taking place from about the 1800s to the establishment of the park in 1948, and lead mining and fur trading common in the area before that.  Though young, the trees lead to great fall colors in September and October.  Families and hikers are expected to enjoy the Stephen’s Falls trail and Lost Canyon trail.

Another great place to visit is the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, also known as The Arb. It has 1,200 acres of restored prarie, forest and wetlands in the heart of the city with some 20 miles of hiking and Nordic skiing trails with three in particular that showcase the tall grass prairie, savannas and various forest types.

Another wonderful adventure in Madison is the logrolling. This sport has actually evolved from traditional lumberjack games and competitions and pits two rollers or birlers against each other atop a floating log. Madison hosts log rolling tournaments and even offers classes for indoor and outdoor sports. That is how they value this sport.

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