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Madison – the best place for retirement living

Did you know that the city of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin has been named as the world’s best place to retire?

Madison claimed the top spot on Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging list for large metros. According to Milken, this is primarily because warm climate do not matter as much to new retirees. For them, the more important thing is the opportunity to continue being part of and contributing to society. This is the mantra of baby boomers who have now reached retirement age. They do not want to cut back and relax, instead, they want to continue contributing to societal development.

This then brings them to wanting to build or purchase houses with two-car garage doors in Madison. This is because, according to Milken Institute’s Anusuya Chatterjee, a senior economist, Madison possess the characteristics which retires find important. These characteristics include “economic strength, abundance of health resources, active lifestyles, opportunities for intellectual stimulation and access to amenities.”

This are the five things that retirees find as great in choosing Madison for their retirement living:

Madison has great health care facilities

The city of Madison offers strong health care facilities with its 11 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The number includes teaching hospitals with strong staffing pools. It also has a lower number of population, pegged at only 243,344 as compared to Henderson, Nevada which has 270,800 residents with eight accredited hospitals.

Madison encourages healthy living.

The city has a lot of facilities for physical activities and exercise. It also has low rates of smoking. Walking and cycling are very much encouraged.

The University of Wisconsin offers opportunities for retirees.

The UW provides a lot of activities and opportunities for retirees who need something to occupy themselves with. The University offers non-credit study opportunities for retirees, plus, there are a lot of activities such as plays, art, music that retirees can enjoy. Being a University city, Madison also has a youthful energy and exuberance and allows retirees to live in a mixed-generational community.

Madison is an overachieving city.

The city is not just the best city in the world for retirees, it is also one of the Best Cities for Personal Finance in 2009 according to Kiplinger, the Best College Sports Town by Sports Illustrated in 2003, the Best Small City to Live By according to Men’s Journal in 2004 and one of America’s Best Adventure Towns in 2009 according to the National Geographic.

Madison offers employment opportunities and has a low crime rate.

The city of Madison is experiencing a lot of growth, thereby offering employment opportunities, perfect for retirees who want to keep buy. It also has a low poverty and even lower crime rate, making it one of the safest cities in the United States with an equitable income distribution.

Therefore, if you are looking now for a place to buy your retirement home, look no further. Just head off to Madison and start living your wonderful retirement in this beautiful city.

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