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Macomb County – Where A Penny or the Lack of it Could Go A Long Way

Looking for an adventure but holding yourself back due to the lack of funds? In the Macomb County, you can already stop restricting yourself because many adventures come for free.

Whether it is for family fun, or going solo, having friends tagged along, or for a romantic rendezvous with a love one, you could find many things to do that doesn’t require you to exhaust any money. After all, it’s the thought and the fun that goes with it that counts, right? So head out now to the Macomb County and start exploring all the priceless stuff you could do at a very minimum cost to none.

Exploring for free

There is nothing better than learning new things as you explore historical areas and museum… except by doing it for free! And in Macomb County, you’re never going to run out of historical places to visit. Some are even listed as the National Register of Historic Places in the county such as the Loren Andus House, Clinton Grove Cemetery Complex, First Congregational Church, Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Holcombe Sites, and Romeo Historic District to name a few.

Admire the beautiful views that go with every architectural site. Check out their amazingly constructed garage doors that come with homes that are epitome of classic and timeless beauty.

Being a resident of Macomb County entitles you to a free pass to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Enjoy exhibitions and events during the different times of the year, and be amazed of the one of a kind collections they have in-store for you.

Parks like Macomb Corners Park, Waldenburg Park, and Macomb Town Center Park also exist for free for consumption of the whole family. Picnics could be enjoyed here while children play on their own or with other children of their age. These places could also be a site for playtime with your pets, not to mention an outdoor fun with a love one.

All in all, you do not need to spend a huge chunk of money to enjoy your time in Macomb County. Your fun is guaranteed just being around your families and loved ones.

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