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  • 400+ 5 Star Yelp Reviews
  • BBB A+ Reputation
  • Angies List Super Service Award
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured


A1 Garage Door Service and Repair in Louisville, Colorado

A1 Garage Door Service is in Louisville, Colorado to provide the highest standard of service when it comes to garage doors. We do sales, installation, maintenance, and repair – covering every aspect of homeowners’ garage door concerns. We are your trusted partner whenever you encounter problems with your garage door. We understand how much inconvenience and hazard it could cause you and your family once your garage door malfunctions that is why we are here to save the day or night depending on which hour you need us to be there. A1 Garage Door Service Denver’s hotline 720-400-7727 is open 24-hours every day of the week to help you out with your garage door problems.

A1 Garage Door Offers Professional Service

There are occasions when DIY solutions just won’t do. And it is risky to entrust the job to amateurs. Either way, you might have to deal with more damages and concerns than you initially had. Your garage door concerns need the professional service of the A1 Garage Door Service Team so that you can be sure that your garage door is fixed and back in good working condition in no time at all. A1 Garage Door Service employees have continuously undergone rigorous training in all matters concerning garage doors so that they can be updated with the latest information and features of all garage doors and parts in the market. They are also trained meticulously to enhance their technical knowledge so that they know how to fix every garage door problem. Believe us when we say that we know what we say and we know what we do. There is no room for errors because we understand that a simple error on our part may compromise our client’s safety. We make sure that we do our job right.

About A1 Garage Door Service

A1 Garage Door Service is a family-operated business which started in 1998. In the span of 2 decades, we have expanded our business in 11 states across America to provide the best quality of garage door service to homeowners. Our family gives importance to trust and respect and we have done everything in our capacity to earn those from our clients. We believe that we cannot demand trust and respect, we have to earn it through our actions. And we made sure that we give our A1 brand of service to each customer who has trusted us with their garage door concerns. And in giving our best service, we have earned their respect. Our reputation has grown and has been recognized in different parts of the country. You can read our customers’ reviews and recommendations on Yelp and Home Advisor to know what we are talking about. With over 400 reviews on Yelp and 200 on Home Advisor, you know that A1 Garage Door consistently provides excellent service to all our customers.

Call A1 Garage Door Service Denver now at 720-400-7727 to schedule your garage door tune-up and repair.

A1 Garage Door Service & Repair

See why we are the best!


Yelp 5 Star Reviews

Yelp 5 Star Rating We keep a high 5 star average rating with over 300 reviews!

bbb Acredited business

BBB Accredited

Better Business Bureau We maintain a A+ Rating with the BBB

BackGround Checks

BackGround Checks

Background Checks All A1 employees must pass a criminal background check before hire.

100% guaranted licensed bonded

Licensed Bonded & Insured

Licensed Bonded And Insured. Trust your work is done with quality.

super service award

Angies List

Angies List 2014, 2015, & 2016 Super Service Award recipient!

Arizona Register of Contractor

AZ Registrar of Contractors

Arizona Registrar of Contractors A1 Garage Door Registrars license #267827

A1 Garage Door Service

See why we are the best!

a1 Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Is your garage door opener defective or simply not working? Call A1 Garage Door Service at (720) 400 7727 and we will fix it for you. We have all the top models, brands and makes of garage door openers plus laser eyes and keypads.
a1 Commercial Doors, Docks & Gates

Commercial Doors, Docks & Gates

A1 Garage Door Service specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of all commercial doors such as security gates, roll-up garage doors, warehouse doors & more for local Denver companies. Simply call us at (720) 400 7727.
A1 Panel Replacement

Panel Replacement

Do you have a broken or bent garage door panel? Contact A1 Garage Door Service at (720) 400 7727 and we will immediately replace or repair it.
A1 Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Always get the best torsion & extension springs. A1 Garage Door Service has an array of premium quality springs appropriate for your garage door. Just dial (720) 400 7727 to get your door functioning like new.
A1 Crashed Door Service

Crashed Door Service

Do you have a damaged door? Worry no more. Our expert team at A1 Garage Door is well-equipped to fix it for you. Call us at (720) 400 7727.
Custom Garage Doors - Phoenix

Custom Garage Doors

We know how you value the importance of having your own beautifully designed custom garage door. Call A1 Garage Door Service at (720) 400 7727 and benefit from our personal service from the conceptualization to the installation of your garage door and even its maintenance.
A1 Tune-Ups


Is your garage door loud? Is it lowering and raising slowly and gradually or even jumping on the tracks? Our technicians will make sure all of your components are in working condition and provide you with a full tune-up at reasonable prices. Just dial (720) 400 7727.
A1 Garage Door Sales & Install

Garage Door Sales & Install

Are you in need of a brand-new garage door? Whether your home’s door is old and broken down or you want to update the visual appeal of your home with a custom garage door, our technicians will certainly give you the service you deserve at a good price. Simply contact (720) 400 7727.
A1 Weather Seals

Weather Seals

Our specialists will install a brand new garage door weather seal which will keep rats, rain and dust away from your garage for good. Its simply a matter of calling A1 Garage Door Service at (720) 400 7727.

We Service All Makes & Models of Garage Doors & Openers

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