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Living the Student’s Life in Albuquerque, NM

Being a new student in a university is overwhelming. You are exposed in a newer and bigger environment you have to tread in carefully. Every step may mean failure, every turn could be a surprise, but at the end, you need the right dose of courage and resilience to overcome it all. Getting acquainted with a new place is always a start.

Are you planning to start your university life in Albuquerque? Have you gotten your acceptance letter yet for the coming school year? Are you excited now to start scouting nearby areas? If you are beginning to plan your trip now to the city then you are definitely on the right track.

University studies in Albuquerque

Albuquerque boasts not only of beautiful panoramas but also of competitive colleges and universities in the area where you can get your undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various fields. The flagship being the University of New Mexico located in this city.

University of Mexico is a public research university that also has the largest number of enrollees across state in 2012. Bu8t aside from the excellent curriculum this uni has, it’s sprawling forested campus is what makes it more inviting to students and tourists alike as it stands like a massive park located in the center of the city. This makes it ideal for recreational activities students need.

Aside from the park, this university also house many different museums in the whole state such as the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, the Geology and Meteorite Museums, the Southwest Biology Museum and the University Art Museum. This is aside from the regular exhibits and performance hosted by the institution.

University of New Mexico is just one among many others that dotted the area. What is most significant about all colleges and universities in Albuquerque is that each one possesses a certain trait that sets it apart from others.

Generally, aside from the education gained by going into any of those, these colleges and unis also have many significant points that make any student’s stay in the area remarkable and enjoyable.

Student life in Albuquerque

There are no boring days if you decided to live your university student’s life in Albuquerque. In every turn, there are places to enjoy. From hiking trail, to paved biking paths, to beautiful landscape and tourist attractions in the area, one would never find any dull days. In fact, the city is always buzzing with activities all year around.

One of the most well-known event celebrated in the area is the annual 9-day International Balloon Fiesta that features more than 500 balloons every year in October. Balloonists from all places join this even to showcase their piloting skills, endurance and creativity in coming up with their own creative balloons.

The city is also oozing with vibrant culture. This is evident in both old and newly constructed structures. One good examples is the Church of San Felipe de Neri and the Old Town which is also the site for the original Spanish settlement.

For residential homes, this is exhibited through intricately wrought iron fences, Spanish inspired residential homes, well-styled lawns and porches, and exceptional garage doors.

With all stores and structures important to a students daily living, the relatively lower living cost, slightly lower price to pay for groceries and amenities and the abundance of part-time jobs available for students who need it, Albuquerque stands as a haven for student s and every other individuals who want to take a chance at the city living.

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