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Live in Las Vegas’ most affordable suburbs

Ready to move near the vicinity of Sin City? Want to live just a stone’s throw away from where life pulsates 24/7?

You don’t have to worry because living in Las Vegas will definitely not break the bank. Here is a rundown of the best Las Vegas suburbs with friendly neighbors, wonderful communities and that beautiful house with the contemporary garage door that you were dreaming of:


This tiny town is only just an hour away from Las Vegas. It is a community with a high household income, approximately about $71,875 annually, with most residents working on The Strip. Home value on the average in this area is about $158,700. It is a great place for outdoor lovers, being close to the National Recreational Area and the Grand Canyon Parashant National Park.

Indian Springs

Interested in living in a town known for its low cost of living? Head on to Indian Springs, also just outside of Las Vegas. It is the location of the Creech Air Force Base and home to people with earn approximately $43,977 annually. Home value in the area is also very cheap, pegged at only about $76,200 on average.


Whitney is the home of the University of Nevada – known for being very affordable, with an average cost of living, good wages that is about $48,419 annually and homes that are around $109,400 on average. It is a good place to stay and build your roots – being very close to The Strip, without the hustle and bustle.

Sunrise Manor

This is one of the larger towns near The Entertainment Capital of the World. It contains a lot of amenities, has about 200,000 residents, known for the affordability of its homes which is around $102,300 on the average. Note that residents of this area would only spent a third of their income on rent. It is also the home of the Las Vegas’ Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and hosts some of the overflow from The Strip.


Winchester is particularly close to Sin City, hosting big casinos such as Riviera and O’Shea’s. However, note that the cost of living here is actually quite cheap, home value is just around $107,000 with simply only the best in entertainment. The median household income in this area is around $35,534 annually.


Interested in living in a place of natural beauty? Perhaps Searchlight is for you. It has a small town vibe, has the lowest cost of living than any other Las Vegas suburb, plus the added advantage of looking at the natural views of the place since it is situated in between two mountain ranges. Definitely a recommended place for those outdoor enthusiasts.

North Las Vegas

If you are interested to live in one of the coolest suburbs of the Sin City, then North Las Vegas is the place to be. It is Nevada’s third largest city, with wonderful things on offer such as a planetarium, its own casinos, restaurants and bars that are open 24/7. Homes are also very cheap in this area, costing only about $141,300 on average.

Have you chosen the best Las Vegas suburb for you? Are you now ready to make the move?

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